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Stretch marks

Stretch marks

So about 3-4 years ago I PE’d on and off for about a year or so but I never took pics or measured so unfortunately I didn’t know my starting size. My question is, are stretch marks an indication of length growth? Or do they not really mean anything at all? Asking this because I’m getting into PE in the near future and I’m really bummed out that I didn’t take my starting measurements when I started PE because know I don’t know if I grew or not from those jelq/clamp/stretches I did a few years back

I have heard if you jelq and pull on the skin that could just make your foreskin longer if you are uncut, not necessarily your penis :/ you can’t really tell for sure.

It doesn’t come as any surprise that skin will develop stretch marks if you pull on it long enough. I think most people here experienced that to some degree. Unfortunately, I really don’t think it’s evidence of any changes to the underlying structure of the penis. That’s not to say you aren’t gaining — I just don’t think the stretch marks really mean much on their own.

I think stretch marks on the skin are a decent indication that you’re gaining. The skin has to stretch to accomodate gains in the underlying tissue. The odd thing is that mine are darkened/discolored areas, not the usual scar/white looking stretch marks I get in other areas where I’ve gained weight and the skin has stretched..

I doubt that stretch marks mean anything more than just that! Your skin has been stretched. When I first started jelqing my skin was stretching so much that I thought I might regrow a foreskin look. But and here is the kicker, I now fill that skin except when flaccid. So if you grew in the past PE life you should have been able to feel the change in your very hand. What is a tape measure compared to grabbing your meat and feeling that it is heavier and heftier? I am thinking about never measuring again. As I become above average I also have learned to accept my dick for whatever size it is. I no longer look in the mirror and think ” it lies to us my precious!” haha What you see is what you have. A mirror can be made to lie so get real and accept your dick as a blessing. Get to know it better. Especially if it works properly!

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