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Stretch marks

Stretch marks

How do you avoid stretch marks? I find I’m getting them especially at the base of the penis.

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I don’t know how to avoid them but applying Coca Butter, Bio Oil or Vitamin E Oil to the ones you have will help reduce them greatly, I mentioned the three best things I know of as some people have better results from one product compared to another.

Originally Posted by thecrow19
How do you avoid stretch marks? I find I’m getting them especially at the base of the penis.

The only way I know of to avoid stretch marks is to grow slower. From what I understand they are caused by the skin growing or stretching to quickly. It’s almost like a closed wound.


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I like the idea that my penis gets stretch marks. To me that means there is some expansion going on. And besides, it’s a penis, it’s not exactly the most visually stunning piece of work on the human body. I’m pretty sure our significant others aren’t going to kick us out of bed for having a big, veiny, penis with some stretch marks.

But if you are that concerned, I have been jelqing with some hand cream concoction that my wife makes with vaseline , vitamin e oil, some pink lotion, and some other stuff. I can get the mix for you if you want. After using it, I have noticed fewer stretch marks, a suppleness to the skin, and my penis has never smelled better.

How did you get the stretch marks. From doing what routine?

Originally Posted by kegeler elf
my penis has never smelled better.

I laughed.

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I think there is some sort of creams used by pregnant women to prevent the stretch marks. It may be good for the stretch marks on the penis base. You can ask for it at any pharmacy.

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