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stretch marks on the fireman


Attn: Dino

I started a new thread in the Miscellaneous section of the new PE Forums board entitled “Bad Marriage = Good Sex?” addressed to you. Saw that you were over here today so I wanted to make sure you knew.

I also talk about morning wood in my General Discussion post “New Vitamin/Supplements Regimen”. Yes, I love night/morning wood. I could even stand getting used. My wife did notice this morning; maybe the seed has been planted in her mind for a future nighttime ride.

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Thank’s for the support I feel much better now, You know sometimes I just want to be held afterwards, sniff sniff


This thread was so hilarious, I just had to bump it :)

When you read it, do you here it as Walken’s voice and cadence (pacing, fragments, etc…) in your mind?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Originally Posted by twatteaser
When you read it, do you here it as Walken’s voice and cadence (pacing, fragments, etc…) in your mind?

Is this another movie to put on my “to buy” list, along with The Man With Two Brains?

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
PE doesn’t make your dick pretty it makes it big and mean lookin like a snake with a bad attidude.

Hahaha! (14 years later, sorry).

Serious now, I think I got those marks and just notice recently … by forcing my view closely at my penis (not sure if they are stretch marks to be honest).

They aren’t like body stretch marks … they look like purple spots, inside the skin (no pain, no hardness at skin level … all normal).

These spots line themselves only on the top of the shaft, close to the base (place that I feel more the stretch, manually and when pumping).

My flaccid has a few wrinkles and these spots stay together at the wrinkle close to the base … weird.

Maybe is something else? Should I get worried about it?

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