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Stretch marks a sign of gains?

Stretch marks a sign of gains?

Noticing some stretch marks on my shaft which I will remedy with emu oil / cocoa butter. Curious to know if thats a good sign of gains? Sounds logical actually.

I would think so man. Though, to be honest, I’ve never gotten stretch marks. Instead, I’ve gotten hair creep unto my shaft. lol. It’s cool though. Im fine with shaving my shaft for the rest of my life if the tradeoff is a bigger dick.

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I have heard that stretch marks are related to stretching of the skin and not the penis (not too such about this theory though). I too originally experienced stretch marks as well as pubic hair growth along the base of the shaft. My skin definitely has stretched as a result of perhaps, incorrect jelqing. However, this extra loose skin may serve a purpose when I lengthen. We will see what happens.

I have stretch marks on my penis from puberty, I’m not really sure what the reason is but it could be growth.

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I have the stretch marks, and they are from gaining girth, so I assume you also gained some.

What routine did you use to stretch your shaft skin? Would you mind PM’ing me it since I don’t check the newbie forum thanks. By the way it’s a good sign because you’re far less likely to get turkey neck with extra shaft skin.

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