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Stretch ligs without stretching penis?

Stretch ligs without stretching penis?

As the title suggests, I am wondering if there is a way to stretch the ligs without manually stretching the penis. It seems that I get injured every time I stretch. I swear I have the most fragile dick on thunders.

How hard are you stretching? Due to a lot of surgeries that I had as a child PE was very hard for me to start because while I was able to stretch, it almost didn’t feel like I was doing anything. If you are feeling pain from the stretch, stop. I started just doing very light jelqing in the shower, and after a couple weeks reached a point where stretching was not painful to do by itself.

I hardly feel like I’m stretching at all, which is why its so frustrating that I still get injured. In fact, I have seen various signatures where people list a flaccid stretched length. I don’t feel like I’m even close to stretching to the max so I don’t feel like I’m stretching to hard.

What do you mean when you say your getting injured? Bruising? Pain? Redness? EQ quality?

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Use an ADS?

Sometimes a little pain but mainly just poor eq. Thanks, I should have explained that earlier. I usually use eq as my gauge to PE. If my eq goes south then I quit for a week or so and then give it another go. Its frustrating though because this approach can lead to inconsistency.

Hum…I assumed that an ADS would be more stressful on my unit than stretching. Am I wrong?

Stretching with a bib attached close to the base will effectively grab the ligs and not put force through most of the shaft. saiyan22 does this and has pictures illustrating it.

Originally Posted by bill6275

Hum…I assumed that an ADS would be more stressful on my unit than stretching. Am I wrong?

An ADS would be less stressful, tipycally they work on the 0.5-5 lbs range.

I felt like I should try to further explain the injuries I’ve been experiencing. First let me say that I let my EQ be my guide for everything. In my opinion EQ is the most important PI. I mean what good is having a penis if the damn thing doesn’t work. So long story short, as soon as my EQ goes south I immediately quit PE until it comes back. In fact, my girlfriend knows about my PE and she is fine with it…as long as my dick works.

So the reason I created this thread is to try to find a way to stretch my ligs without stretching my penis. In the past every time I try to stretch my EQ goes to crap. The other injury that I experience from time to time is a kind of prickly feeling. Almost like little needles poking at my penis. Its difficult to explain but hopefully you know what I’m talking about.

So any ideas. I’m open to an ADS but I feel like I may need to educate myself a little more about them.

I am “stretch sensitive” too. There is some craze now on thunders to measure stretched flaccid length. I tried taking that measurement a couple times, it just killed my EQ.

Maybe you are just overdoing it. What is your current routine?

All it took for me is 3 sets of 5 way stretches, 20 seconds per stretch. With a nice rotary stretch between sets. That was just enough, not too much.

My routine is so light that its almost funny.

10 minute warm up
10 jelqs about 50 - 70%. Very light pressure.
10 minute warm down
After that I’ll decide whether or not I need to ice, for some reason ice really helps me to dodge injuries.

My stretched flaccid length is 7 1/2 inches. I measure in a mechanical stretcher that I built and use every day.

I think flaccid stretched length is important because it eventually becomes your erect length.

When I started in december I could barely stretch to seven inches. I am now 6 3/4” erect and 6 7/8” semi-erect (I`m not sure why that is, but the fact remains.) and I attribute my gains to the stretching and jelquing.

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