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Stretch Grip and Curve Correction

Stretch Grip and Curve Correction

Hey everyone,

I have read the ideal grip to use is about an inch behind the glans, at approximately the circumcision scar. Would I be able to grip directly behind the glans also?

I have a curve to the left at the end of my penis, so if you look down from my perspective, it seems like the right “side” is slightly longer the the left (if you can imagine the image as two-dimensional); enough to create a curve.

Please forgive this crude example, but I feel like this representation illustrates my penis’s issue: ====-D , with the glans being slightly “kinked” to attach at the shorter end.

I feel like if I grip directly behind the glans, then stretching will put more stress on the shorter tissues on the left, straightening out my shaft over time.

Any input, advice, etc, would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe the curve results from tighter ligaments on one side of your penis. As you stretch these tighter ligaments more, the curve will begin to straighten out. So when you are flaccid, stretch in the opposite direction of the curve. Use the recommended grip; half inch to an inch away from the glans. You may be eager to correct this issue immediately, but remember, it will take a while. Do not overdo it, the last thing you want is an injury in your manhood. Always warm up for at least 5 minutes and stretch with various stretches and directions, but focus more on the correction.

I have some concerns that gripping half an inch from the glans won’t correct my issue, since the “kink” in my penis is right where the shaft meets the glans.

If I could gain just a millimeter or two length increase on the left portion of my shaft where it meets my glans, I think I will have mostly, if not completely, corrected the issue.

I have heard jelqing against the curve helps.

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