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Stretch felt more on LEFT side

Stretch felt more on LEFT side

Hey guys,

New to the place. I actually came across jelqing/stretching years ago.
Spent about 2 months following a routine, saw some decent gains and stopped (huge mistake pun intended).

Fast forward 5 years. Lost the gains. Not even sure how much just woke up one day and realized I was shorter and skinnier than before.

I recently started up again last week taking it slow and following routines making sure to warmup and cooldown.

I noticed something odd when I stretch though.

Whenever I stretch, I can feel a good stretch down the left size of my penis.
If I touch it while stretching, it is noticeably “tighter” than the right side.
I do usually tuck it on my left side and there is a very slight curve to the left which probably explains why.
I’m guessing it’s the left ligament that’s not as loose and stretched out as my right one?

But my question is, what does this mean in terms of stretching? What should I focus on?
I’ve been focusing more on stretches downward and to the right to stretch out the left side as much as possible as it feels like I can stretch out the left ligament the most this way but really, I have no clue.

Any recommendations?

I’m also hoping this dosen’t mean there’s something wrong with the left side.

I recall when I used to do the circular stretch years ago, I would always have to pause a second when I reached a point on my right side. There was like this “jump” on the left side near the base that prevented me from smoothly completing it.

Also, I’m assuming it’s the ligament b/c I feel the stretch near the base.

Please let me know if I’m mistaken in anything!

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