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Strengthening the Suspensory Ligament?

Strengthening the Suspensory Ligament?

So my penis is just chilling at a 90 degree angle from my body or 9 o’clock. I was wondering what’s the best excise to increase the angle.

Stretching or Kegels? Or something totally different?


Hanging worked for me.. I am new to hanging but I will tell you that mine hangs much lower than it did one month ago.

To increase the angle? You want it more pointing to the ground?

Haha no upwards, sorry. I want to increase the angle up.

Strengthening your ligs will not raise the angle of erection.

Ok, is it even possible to raise the angle of an erection?

Aside from shortening the ligament, I don’t see how.

Harder erections will raise the angle of erection, but with aging the penis will start pointing down when erect no matter what.

I thought so, alright thanks guys.

Maybe try some more L-Arginine in your supplements. Not sure how old you are, I’m 27 and mine gets pretty hard and angles up pretty good regardless, however since I’ve started to take more L-Arginine (I’m at 3.8g per day usually now) I’ve noticed my erections seem harder and better, seems to almost increase the capacity of penis.. this could very much be in tune with doing my current pe program. It’s worth a try I would say!

Hey Shooting, I think I’ll try some of that. Thanks for the suggestion, I’m 24 btw.

L-Arginine I’ve found to be great. I was always taking it in my protein powder and in a nutrition vitamin shake, the amount of L-Arginine in that was only 1.8g however. In the past two weeks I’ve started to take 2 capsules of 1g on top of my powder and it seems too help, in the gym and out. I was considering getting an L-Arginine specific powder at gnc when I got the pills but the powder was 5g and I thought if I added that too what I’m already taking.. 6.8g a day seemed like a big jump. I think when my pills are done I’ll try the powder however, I think you get more bang for your buck that way.. even if you use half a scoop and get half the 5g dose.

When your talking about raising the angle of your erection ,if you get 100% erection how hard would you say you get? Does your penis ever get to an upwards angled erection state?

On top of L-Arginine it could possibly be lifestyle things that could be tweaked to help your unit “salute”. Gym and cardio work helps, diet and not smoking are big factors as well. Obviously I don’t know you, so I can’t speculate.

I’ve found when getting erect (say with masturbation), if you stroke it upwards and towards your body it gets harder in that upwards angle your talking about. That could just be me though, everyone is different. When it is harder in that upwards state the length does seem shorter, mainly from perception I think from the angle we see it from, cause it measures about the same.

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