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Strengthening the suspensory ligament

Strengthening the suspensory ligament

I was reading through the penis anatomy & thought that due to my errection angle pointing pretty south(imagine the LOT clock idea, if I’m standing sideways my errection is at around 4 o clock. Although during intense arousal it will be just below 3) it was due to the suspensory perhaps being out of shape or weak or something. What, if anything, could I do to improve this?

Also with my ball bag, I wondered if this will effect any growth in a negative way is that the are between the underside and my balls I have a deal of webbing. For example my penis is 3.5 FL & on the underside the webbing goes from the balls to about half an inch below the glands. I didn’t known if this would cease the growth of my penis.


Just about the only thing you can do for erection angle is to keep your hard-ons as hard as possible, so keep cranking out those kegels and do PE that stimulates increased blood flow into your cock.

The webbing you describe is often referred to as turkey neck and does not effect the internal structure of your penis or growth. Do a search of turkey neck and you should find several discussions addressing this issue.

O right, I have heard of that, I’ll search now. Is kegaling when errect any more beneficial than being flaccid?

Not in my opinion. Some people think erect Kegels with a weight (such as a wet towel hung from the penis) can be used as a resistance exercise. But doing Kegels with or without an erection makes no difference in the outcome.

Surveys have shown that penis angles are all over the place, even in teenagers. It’s based on the length of the suspensory ligament and the angle at which the base of the penis is attached to the pelvic bones. You can’t do much to change either one. Well, you can lengthen the lig with PE, but you can’t make it tighter.

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