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Streching question

Streching question

Ok.. First of all when I’m hard my dick hangs to the left.. I just started this week.and when I’m stretching down left and strait down I can fell the stretch pretty good.. But when I go down right I don’t get the same felling.. Does this maybe has something to do with my dick having a left lean? Should I pull harder on the down right?

I had almost the same thing, but 8 months ago, I started jelqing and stretching. I am now hanging and it seems that my bend in my cock went away ? I gained some girth and length along the way. Also check out my KEGELING TRAINING.

Good Luck,


King, link is dead

I don’t mean it bends like a curve.. I mean it’s strait but it points to the left .. Like when I get hard my dick is sticking out but points out to the left instead of pointing strait forward in front of me.

Hmmm, could be one lig is tighter or tougher than the other, if your suggesting that it points to the left, that would mean the left ligament is tighter than the other, so perhaps a little extra force when stretching to the right will help even this out. It’s just a theory though. Note: A little extra force, and obviously if its hurting Stop.

Good luck, and happy gaining.

Ps. I think I have something similar to you if i understand your meaning, and this is what i do when stretching. In fact mine even goes the same way, And this is what i do to my member, haven’t any differences to report with it yet, but is still early days.

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Yea Bro. I’m the exact same way. I do not have a curve it my penis, it just hangs to the left a bit. I think this might be from jerking it with my right hand, and tending to angle to the left a bit. I guess time after time of jerking at an angle to the left made it stay to the left. I tried switching to the left hand but I just am not ampidestric or however you spell it.

Lmao.. Jerking to the left.. Um I think it’s always been like this tho.. Before I even started to jerk.

Can anyone give me useful info?

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