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Streching all day

Streching all day

Did anybody try to manually stretch their member for a long period of time? I have lot’s of time and I can manually stretch like for an hour in the morning and then for an hour in the evening. Did anybody try it? Does it work?

I’ve tried it. It does work! I stretch in the morning and then again at night (which gives it plenty of time to recover).

I just bought an All day stretcher. :D

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Originally Posted by 10&Then
I just bought an All day stretcher. :D

How invisible under pants are those actually if you don’t mind me asking. I’ve had a clamp on my dick and pulled up my pants to do something real quick and the bulge is kind of embarrassing for me. So if a clamp makes a scene in my pants a part of me wonders what this all day stretcher would look like.

I’m interested in these questions as well. I haven’t got an all day stretcher but I figured if one can stretch all day.. Would it hurt to stretch before or after each bathroom trip during the day? I’m very aware of the value of warm-ups but I figured if someone can stretch all day, taking 5 minutes every few hours to manually stretch could help. What do you guys think?

I wonder if penis needs to recover after stretching. I know that when you jelq or clamp you need time to recover, but I’m not sure about stretching.

Yeah. I’d like to know the same thing.

I think that stretching , unlike pumping , clamping , or even jelqing , does not cause the type of damage that requires substantial recovery time .

As long as healthy blood flow is maintained , you are fine to stretch all day , though it is something that needs to be built up to gradually by adding time incrementally .

And don’t forget a warm up .

You can’t stretch too much, but you can stretch too hard. Thats all you need to bear in mind with stretching. (Obviously unless you stop circulation etc, then you need to stop to reinvigorate bloodflow)

As for ADS (All Day Stretcher) yes they work, some are not noticeable under pants, whereas some are. Yes the “all day” part is possible, personally I’ve hit 15 and a half hours in a day, so its definately possible.

For reference purposes, that wasn’t a one off, I’ve done 15.5, 15, 14, 14 etc hours in a day.

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So I’m curious what someone would recommend as an ADS that would have the least visibility under the pants. I know this is probably other places as well but products seem to come out all the time so I figured I would throw it out here to get the opinion of the day.

There are a few ADS type products.

I believe Monkeybar makes one that is a dedicated ADS (meaning that’s all it does), and reports are it is very stealthly - even under somewhat snug jeans. His Vacu-extender can also be broken down for use as an ADS in addition to being an aid to manual stretching, as well as an extender; that’s a versatile piece. Monkeybar’s website is

Monty sells a variety of weights which give you an ADS effect, and they are also very stealth, assuming you’re not wearing anything skin tight. He’s at

For info on those and other devices check the Review section of the forum.

There are also threads around which describe ways you can make your own.

Search around.

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