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Streches without warmup/PEing at work?

Streches without warmup/PEing at work?

Hi. I’m a newb to TP. Been PEing on and off (mostly off) for the past two years. I do mostly jelqing, but also some manual stretches. I’ve always heard that it is bad to do PE without a hotwrap. The thing is I have an office job and can often slip into the the bathroom without anyone noticing how long I’m in there. I can also be in there for a long time with no one noticing. When I’m on a PE kick, I like to do some manual streches when ever I go to take a piss. I don’t think it helps much. I do maybe 30-60 seconds in two to four directions. The thing is I don’t hot wrap first and I wonder if I risk hurting myself. Also, I’m wondering if there are any exercise that can be done during the day. I used to do kegels at my desk, but now I save those for when I’m laying in the bed at night. Does anyone PE at work? Is there anything that you can do during the day? It’s just time that I have on my hands that could be used to growing my dick (I hope)

Hi Daduddaman (long name, but I didn’t really want to shorten it to Dad, that’d be kinda freaky),

Welcome aboard.

I think that most of us at Thunders work, although we do have some students as well. I think that in regard to the stretching in the toilet, you will not be doing any damage as long as you are gentle with yourself initially. Don’t yank the thing, just start off gently and after 10-15 seconds increase the intensity. The warm-up will help, as it relaxes the tissues, but if it is not a feasible option then just be careful.

Also work on the kegals as much as possible, while sat at your desk (or wherever), driving your car, sat on the bus, watching tv and laying in bed. They are a great stealth exercise and will help your erection hardness, your control and the length of time you can keep an erection.

If possible, you could also try some dry jelqs in the toilet, just lock yourself in the cubicle for 20 minutes. I am not sure that anyone would question why you have to stay in the toilet for so long, but if they do just tell them that they don’t want to know, you are having some problems back there. For added effect (and fun) you could start making straining noises whenever you hear anyone else come into the toilet.

Can you PE at home?

Hope that helps to start off, just don’t give in.


Thanks Lordbase, I guess you can call me dudda. Yeah I do a full strech and jelq workout at home at night. I can stay in the toilet at work for a long time with no questions, it’s small company. What exactly is dry jelqing? I don’t see how you can do it dry. Good point about the constant kegels, thanks.

I used to PE at work using the Penimaster. I would wear it 8 hours a day. I now have more privacy at home so I hang. Warning: make sure you check it every half hour and don’t wear it more than 45 minutes at a time. You will have to wear boxers and loose pants.

Have you made any gains?

I just started back and everytime I do I get immediate gains in girth. Mostly near the head, kind of a baseball bat kind of thing. Also flaccid length. I’ve only been back at it about a week and haven’t measured yet.

Hi dudda,

Heat is good. Warming first does help somewhat in preventing injury, but it isn’t crucial, especially if you don’t start out trying to yank your dick off.

Something not often mentioned is to start out any manual stretching with light intensity. If you rush into it and pull hard in the begininng the tissues seem to contract and stiffen. This isn’t what we want. Try to tease out the length instead of force it.

Something else to consider is that ultra-short PE sessions may actually be counterproductive. Stressing the tissues without inducing the desired plastic deformation is likely to cause them to strengthen without getting any bigger/longer. Piss pulls and such have been mentioned for years, yet nobody has attributed much gain to them. Perhaps you’d be better off doing one good, longer session per day.

I’m glad to hear about your girth gains after breaks - gives me hope. :)

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