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Strange problem

Strange problem

Hello, I’m quite new to PE and this site. I really like it, very cool site. I’ve been doing PE for a month and a bit and I’ve made small gains, almost .25 of an inch and my erections are a lot stronger and I stay hard for a lot longer. I’m very happy about it. But I’ve run into a problem. I can’t post it in the injuries section because I’m not a member so I was wondering if I can ask for a little help here?

Just post it and it will get moved if appropriate.

Thanks heaps. OK, I have been doing pretty well with my PE but after I saw my first gains I got a bit over enthusiastic and started to up my routine. So I think I over did it. I got a bit of an injury.. A couple of days ago I’ve seen red spots, like blood on the under side of the head of my dick. They have gone since then but I have a problem with my foreskin now. The best way I can describe it is like about 4 spots like pimples that have been popped or if you’ve ever had a mouth ulcer, it looks like that. They are greenish and my foreskin is swollen. To me it seems like an infection. I think it’s because since the baby oil ran out I just started using butter, maybe that was it. Sorry if this grosses anyone out, it’s a pretty sick kinda thing to happen but I appreciate any advice I can get.

Green? Sounds like a fungal infection. Stop all PE etc. Keep the area clean and dry. Apply talcum powder regularly until normality is restored.

And don’t use butter as a lube you T*T! Or any dairy product for that matter, anything that rots, don’t use it!

I feel pretty stupid for using butter. It seemed like a real smart thing to do at the time. Ill use a good lube next time. I’ll do just what you recommended. Thanks for your help.

Sorry if I was rude.

If you insist on looking to the kitchen for your lubrication, cooking oil is not unacceptable for the skin- esp. Olive oil. Being an Aussie you might have some oily sunblock around. But think dermatology dude. If the greenish spots are on the skin closest to the meatus, UNDER the foreskin, that could be very bad news. If you are uncircumcised and the spots are UNDER the foreskin, the swelling may indicate a violent reaction to your problem. If it is fungal, and under the foreskin, and you are uncircumcised, the problem may not auto-resolve. If you begin to experience pain, as if the area is burnt, seek medical assistance.

All the best.

No need to apologise, you weren’t rude.

Actually the spots are only visible if I pull the skin back. It does hurt too, but only if I touch it, and kinda itchy sometimes. It sounds like I should see a doctor if it doesn’t get better real soon. I’ve been sick lately, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it.


“Actually the spots are only visible if I pull the skin back.”

Then the spots are being kept warm and moist. Use talc religiously, I mean every half hour. This really does sound fungal, you wanna keep the area DRY. It should begin to resolve after 24 hours, disappearing certainly within a week. If it gets worse or stays the same after a day or two from onset go c a doc. Bc you will req. A fungicide.

“I’ve been sick lately”

If a fever appeared a day or two after the spots, and it isn’t getting better, I would suggest going to hospital straight away! I don’t want to freak you out kid, but blood supply in your afflicted area will get toxicity into the bloodstream real fast, and that’s a serious matter.

How long have you had this? How long has the swelling lasted? What are your “sickness” symptoms?

I’ve been sick for the last couple of days with headaches and mucus. No fever, but I’ve also got a bad mouth ulcer. I’ve had this problem with my penis for about the same amount of time. I hope these things aren’t linked.

I’m going to use talcum powder by pulling back the foreskin and putting it on the problem area. Should I wash the powder off before I push the skin back over the head?

I have to say that I am really thankful of your help. Especially since this is a bit more than a PE problem.

No worries. Sounds like you’re ok. Don’t wash off the powder unless you need to clean the site. Pat dry; don’t rub or scratch bc you’ll spread the infection. Take a bath everyday and don’t sweat (literally!). Use the powder frequently. Understand that moisture is what will prolong the infection.

I’m only being so sympathetic bc you’re just a few days away from losing The Ashes ha ha! What your opening batsmen were doing taking the light today.. Your name isn’t Langer or Hayden is it dude!

Thanks for your sympathy buddy, but even if you win this time there is no doubt of the better cricketing nation!

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