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Strange penis symptoms

Strange penis symptoms

I’ve had issues with my dick for awhile. I used to do off and on jelqing and pumping, and often I would masturbate for long periods of time, probably over-stressing my dick.

Now I have problems getting any expansion in my erections. They just get solid as a rock, but slightly thinner and kegeling doesn’t really expand the glans like it used to. I used to have great BC muscles because I kegeled two sessions a day, but I just started getting back into them after months of doing nothing — I feel like this can be a solution to the problem I’m having.

The thing is, after I do my kegel routine and my cock gets flaccid again, it turtles up and gets really kind of hard and compact. I’m worried that I messed up my dick with pumping or something. Has anyone had issues like this? Has it gone away with more kegels? How can I get expansion back in my dick?


I am no expert on the subject but I would think that if you eased back into PE you should be ok. With any kind of injury regarding sports or PE, it is important to take it slow and ease your way in. Depending on how severe the injury is, light exercise can still be ok but stretching is probably the best thing.

When I finish up a kegel session I get some turtling, but mostly it feels like I really have to pee.

Excessive kegeling does cause some temporary turtling but Newjaydot, I think you overdid it with the jelqs and pumping. Take time off until you see your erections return to normal and a week after that.

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>>The thing is, after I do my kegel routine and my cock gets flaccid again, it turtles up and gets really kind of hard and compact <<

Overwork signs. Out of curiosity, with how much pressure did you pump?

It does appear that your blood inlets are being shut-off prematurely and this can be a result of an injury to the primary veins supplying blood. It could also be a prostate condition or other physiological problem in your groin area, if it does not show improvement in a few days you might want to get it check out with a urologist.

Thanks for all the responses. I didn’t want it to sound like I have recently done PE work. Actually, other than a jelq session last week, it has been over a month since I had pumped. When I pumped, it was for no more than 2 sessions of 4 minutes, at a pressure of around 3” Hg. I’ve had this persistent ‘injury’ for months. I don’t think I ever gave it time to heal properly, and I was masturbating a ton for long periods of time (sometimes over 2 hours). The symptoms improve a bit if I don’t masturbate or do any PE for awhile, but they come back pretty hardcore if I do masturbate or try jelqing.

Maybe I should just give it a rest? I’ve been to my family doctor, but he said that I couldn’t have injured my penis and didn’t refer me to an urologist (I’m switching doctors soon by the way). I want a thorough check-up, but he said everything is fine after a visual/tactile test of my penis. I’m just worried that it will never return to my more natural, expandable wang. It feels like it’s lost all elasticity. Jelqing doesn’t get blood moving and kegeling moves little if any. I’ll continue with kegels, rest, and heat, and report back.

One thing that has helped some ED symptoms that I have experience is refraining from masturbation. In addition to taking a break from PE, try only masturbating 1-2 times a week. Hopefully some rock hard erections will appear again.


If things don’t improve, see a urologist.

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Frequent masturbation especially for long periods of time don’t help. You may have made the BC muscle too sore to work effectively in bringing in and holding blood. If you haven’t already, stop masturbating for a while. It will help.

Also you could try doing a hot towel wrap to keep blood moving through the penis.

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I used to have the same problem as you with little expansion of the glans and slightly smaller erections despite being 100% erect. I stopped PE for several weeks and that seemed to solve it. I also started using a softer grip while jelqing and doing less repetitions.

Thanks again, everyone! I’m taking a big break and I’m going to try to stop stressing over the cock.

I have found that OVER PE causes stress to the penis and I do not have erections that are 100 %.. Yesterday I had a very busy schedule and did not PE.. Today with rest yesterday I had the best day of PE I have had and was able to really stretch way beyond the normal daily PE.. Just as others say Little rest does wonders in all areas.. We all can not have all the gains we wish in a hurry so take it one day at a time.. Good luck

Sounds similar to my symptoms when I had a venous leak. I couldn’t kegel any blood into the head, & the act of kegelling felt ‘disconnected’ from my penis. Like I could clench the muscle, but my penis would in no way respond - it wouldn’t slightly bounce, or have the glans slightly expand etc.

Hopefully this isn’t your problem. Sometimes I still have shit days where I feel my erections aren’t all they could be … this is what I do.

Get about 40% erect. Take 2 fingers, and massage/press down on the underside of your penis, near where your sack joins your shaft. Your pushing in on the spongiosum. Kegel. Provided you have no serious damage, this pressure makes the kegel more prominent. The glans should expand out, then retract. Do this for a minute, or however long you feel comfortable with it for, a few times a day.

This is only completely anecdotal but I find this exercise seems to help kegel strength/eq.

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