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Strange kind of Problem: ooh help

Strange kind of Problem: ooh help

Hello all,

I’ve got a strange problem,

Whenever I am going to do something sexually with the girl I will go up, but when I go up
I get this sort of nervous urge to urinate and it’s really strong and this pretty much
Just ruins my erection as I am constantly thinking about the urge to urinate constantly,

I dunno if it really is a nervous urge or something else, I’ve always had a weak bladder or maybe I sometimes
I thought I had a urinary tract infection because I always feel the need to urinate even straight after I go:(

Just needs some idea’s on what this could be it’s very frustrating I always get it when my penis is
Erect and the erection soon dies because of these urges:(

One more thing that might have something to do with it is that whenever I ejaculated I always
Had the habit of going straight to the toilet and taking a leak? Do you think maybe my mind is associating being erect as the same as needing to go to toilet because it’s become programmed into my brain?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Do kegels. Kegels originally where used to stop women form uncontrolled urinating while laughing for instance. Keep yourself from going to the toilet after urinating for at least an half hour for a couple of weeks. This way your mind get used to it.

Hehe yea could be as simple as that I guess, will start the kegeling then, like madman:) ,

And yep will do some re-programming of the mind, thanks

Taking a leak after sex is really healthy.

Before and after, thats the way to go.

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You could also visit a urologist in order to rule out the possibility of a fysiological defect being the cause.

Good luck!

Could be a chronic low-grade prostatitis.

Yea I think I should go get a check up with a doctor or something, thanks for the help

Meanwhile I will keep doing kegels, do you find lots of kegels in short burst are good or
Kegels held for a longer duration?

I know that after I have had erections for extended periods of time (like many hours), I feel the need to pee more often as well. I usually don’t actually have to pee, or just barely, but it is as if the level sensor in my bladder has become more sensitive.

One time I was in Korea and got into a three day teasing session with my wife before I came home, and this problem lasted for many weeks. I actually went to a doctor about it, she checked my prostrate, no problems, and told me to monitor it for a while. It went away eventually.

It has always made me wonder about how the urge to pee works. Exactly how does your body sense the need to pee? I am guessing pressure on some nerve somewhere near the prostrate. Anybody know?

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Hey! I guess you could train your mind not to associate peeing with erections. Do incantations whereby you tell your subconscious mind that you are not gonna think of peeing while you have an erection. More realistic approach is to see a doctor.
Wonder if you have the same problem while you masturbate? If no then it’s more like a performance anxiety. Some sweat n fret . Maybe you pee.


The urge to pee comes from nerves sensitive to pressure situated in the lower part of the bladder called the trigone. This area lies exactly above the prostate gland so any irritation of the prostate through infection, or enlargement, would irritate the trigone and give the sensation of the urge to pee. A stone in the bladder would also trigger off the trigone. It is good to pee after ejaculation as it will clear the urethra of any ‘sticky stuff’ and liberate the meatal lips from sticking together and shooting sideways when you pee later!

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