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Strange jelqing

Strange jelqing

Ok, you all have my utmost apologies if this has been done before or if it’s posted somewhere else, but I just can’t seen to find the answer. About a week ago I started jelqing and I can’t seem to sustain an erection whilst “ok gripping” and jelqing. I seem to have a 40-50% erection and after two or three jelqs I just gets less and less, leaving me at around 20-30%. Is this normal, because I’m not one to have the most powerful erections either, in fact I have to work about 10 minutes to get a fully boner going. Any tips or advice on this? My flaccid does get bigger after the jelq session, and whilst doing the jelqs I do see a “pumped” up form of my penis. Am I doing this correctly? I do about 30 minute sessions with a weekend break. No stretches at all, because I want girth only and I don’t really want to thin my penis out anymore. :(

With this procedure I’m hoping to achieve minimal length and high girth standards. Am I doing everything correctly for maximum benefits?

To improve your erections: eat a balanced diet; take some herbal supplements that improve blood flow to genital area; loose weight and get fit. Unfortunately I am not experienced in the technique you are describing, so that’ll have to wait for someone more proficient in these matters. Good luck :) .

I’d say many if not most of us, especially after a cetain age, require something sexy to look at or think about in order to stay erect enough to jelk properly. So, what you are experiencing is more or less normal.

Of course, if the material is TOO sexy, you end up trying to jelk a full boner, and have to either wait for it to subside, or think of old nuns or dead puppies for awhile :) ( I heard this on an old Steve Martin movie once).

The act of jelking alone just isn’t enough stimulation to keep many of us jelkers erect enough through an entire session.

If you want a boost to your erections, kegel exercises are best. I used to have weak erections, but not for over 3 years now, all because of kegels and PE. Good luck and don’t give up.

Part 2

You are going to need more of an erection, like 80 to 90% to get good girth gains from jelking. Doing jelks at 20 to 50% shouldn’t at all thin your penis. Some folks even gain girth from stretching, especially at the base. I never heard of loss of girth from stretching or jelking, no matter how flaccid it is when you are doing it.

Anyway, what I was just saying was, that if you don’t have something like a religious problem with it, get some sexy photos or movies in front of you while you work out. If you do have a religious problem with it, all you can do is pray for a bigger dick.

Just kidding about the last part, of course. Good luck.

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