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Strange feeling while jelqing questions

Strange feeling while jelqing questions

So I’ve been doing the newbie routine for around two weeks now. I did my usual routine tonight and towards the end of my jelqs at each pump towards the head I would feel a strange kind of pressure or sort of sudden pulse towards the underside of the glands. It’s quite difficult to explain the exact feeling.

Has anyone else had this or know what it could be?, I’m probably just worrying about nothing but I thought id ask. Also I’ve read that your unit should stay plump and larger after jelqing, I don’t seem to get this, it soon goes back to it’s usual flacid state within a minute or so, is this a problem?.

One final question lol, how much force am I suppose to use while doing manual stretches?


Is that pressure feeling a little painful? If it is, then it’s bad and you’re using too much force. I don’t stay very plump after my jelqing sessions either, just keep at it.

With stretches, do enough to get a good pull, just don’t pull as hard as you can either. Good luck!

I wouldn’t say painful, a little uncomfortable, was just strange as I havnt felt it before. Ill try go a bit lighter maybe.

Thanks for the help.

I haven’t experienced that feeling exactly. I have caused allot of pressure in the head that felt weird (no pain) and caused a very small blood dot on the head. I stopped for a couple of days and did less pressure during jelqs.

As a newbie take it easy. Remember less is more for us newbies.

I think there are a couple of factors with jelqs that deal with intensity. Number of jelqs per session, how long to complete each jelq (2-5 seconds to run from base to head of penis), level of erection (50%- 80% - 100%), tightness of grip (ok hold) on shaft, etc.

I have been doing PE for only a couple of months now. I have gained 1/4 inch in BPEL. Along with stretches, I do 50-60 Jelqs per session, 4-5 seconds from base to head, 50-60% erection, and medium tightness so I feel pressure build as I move along the shaft.

Hope this helps.

Happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

I have the same feeling in the glans too. Is it like little pinches inside when you force it.. Kind of a little uncomfortable

I don’t know if what you’re describing is what I’m thinking. I feel these ‘tinglies’ coming in a sort of compact wave of pressure. It’s the blood being pushed into the tip of the penis and it’s a good thing.

February 1: NPBEL: 5.25" Eg: 4.25"

I don’t if it is good when I felt it last time I turtled for 2 days now I stopped for almost 4 weeks.

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