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Strange feeling in my balls

Strange feeling in my balls

Hey guys!
I´ve been doing the newbie routine for about 4 weeks now and the last week I´ve been having this uncomfortable feeling in my balls that comes and goes every now and then but mostly when I´m relaxing. It doesn’t really hurt it just feels uncomfortable..
When I jelq I start to squeeze at the base of my penis as you´re supposed to even if your close to your balls I think it shouldn’t´t effect them in any way but still I get this strange feeling in my balls sometimes especially in the right one..
What I´ve noticed when I do the stretches is the when I pull my dick to the left my right nut goes up down like it doesn’t know where to go.. It’s the same with my left when I pull my dick to the right but not as much..

Any of you guys had this or has any idea what it could be?? Don’t really feel like quiting PE when I just started.

You must remember that you are doing things to your dick and balls which they are not used to. so there is a good chance that you will feel strange down there. It’s like going into the gym after a break you feel stiff, and achey.

I shouldn’t think it’s anything to worry about, but just take things a ittle more easy until the stiffness goes.

I can’t help you with the ‘nut extentions’ But I would geuss that it’s veins you are pulling as you move your dick.


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