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Strange feeling below penis and above testicle help

Strange feeling below penis and above testicle help

About 48 hours ago I was at the end of my jelqing routine and grabbed my penis at the base and proceeded to do another rep when I felt a feeling similar to pins and needles or numbness ‘shoot down my left testicle and possibly down my inner thigh a little. I only got about 1/4 of the way down the shaft during the jelq. There was no pain whatsoever, so I started to do another jelq and again felt the, same feeling. However 1 minute later I didn’t feel that feeling when I did a test jelq. I stopped there. Back to the present I started warming up my penis getting ready to jelq but noticed a sort of dull but noticeable feeling in the place underneath my penis (but not on my penis) and above my left testicle and inside bit whereas this feeling is absent on the right side. I decided to take another few days off and not risk an injury but lack any information as to what has happened to me, I could find any online. I would really appreciate some help.. Thanks.


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