Straightening Upward Curve via Extender Device

Hey guys how’s it going?

Been a member here for a while, but this is my first post. It’s about tried and true ways to help straighten the penis.

My penis size is definitely ok. I have a prominent, but not strong, upward curve. I measure 8” if you actually follow the curve.. Maybe a tad more on a good day. But the curve has always made me have to slightly alter positions during sex in order to perform them properly.

For instance if I’m trying to go in doggie style I have to be slightly above and aiming down to first enter, and then I’m alright once it’s in. Also it makes it difficult to receive a blowjob. Since it’s not aiming straight out or curved down, they can only get me down all the way if I’m in the 69 position. Like I said, slight alterations but still able to manage.

However I’m looking to try to diminish this curve as much as possible. It’ll make me feel better and less awkward during sex.

1) What are PROVEN non-surgical treatments for this?
2) Is my curve too severe to try non-surgical treatments (pics attached)?
3) How long does something like this take?

PS. Sorry about the 2nd image. Not trying to be vulgar, but I just happen to be a heavy leaker when I get erect, so I mosaiced the precum out.

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