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Straightening the glans

Straightening the glans


I’ve been reading a lot about PE the last days and I’d like to know if you think it can solve my problem. I’m not really that interested in gains but rather in straightening my unit. It’s curved upward, and that I like when it’s erect, but when flaccid my glans is bent upward quite heavily. From my point of view the perfect penis is bent upward when erect but slightly downward when flaccid. Is there any technique that could straighten my glans without straightening the whole penis?

Without seeing exactly what is going on, I would have to guess that you are pretty much stuck with what you got.

I wonder if it’s my underwear that’s been shaping it like this. My underwear always forces the glans to bend upward.

The curve of the glans isn’t really abnormal, but it sure bugs me. If anyone has any thoughts I’d really appreciate it, I have a hard time thinking I’d be the only one here who’s underwear forces the glans to bend throughout the day.

Change your underwear!

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Yes mom.

Hahaha! you smart ass. I was trying to be one too.


I guess I’d have to use loose fitting boxers for it to hang freely. No thank you.

Did your glans always bend upwards, even before puberty? If it did it may be genetic, rather than the underwear.

Straightening slight bends in the shaft is usually best done by jelqing and (when your penis is well conditioned after 2-3 months of the newbie routine) semi-erect bends. I doubt that jelqing would help with just the glans. Semi-erect bends may help, but be very careful as the most delicate and important penile nerves are just where you would be stretching.

It may be worth taking a photo for your own reference and trying the bends for a few months then taking another photo for comparison. Results are likely to be slow, and without the photo it may be difficult to tell if you are making progress. If the bends have helped, keep them up, if they haven’t, resign yourself to being stuck with it. Good luck.

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