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Straightening curveature.

Straightening curveature.

I have a left curve and sometimes it is pretty pronounced. I know it’s not a huge deal but I would really like to straighten it out. Should I jelq to the side opposite the curve so it stretches the shorter ligament more?

I have a curvature too and it’s actually the shaft that’s curve, but I’m not sure if you can fix my type of curvature or not. I hear the side stretches will eventually fix the curves, but I’m not sure. Maybe one of the more experienced members can answer your question.

I don’t have much of a curve (slightly to the left), but I wouldn’t mind adding a slight upward curve (for her pleasure ;) ). I only have half-assed theories to do this, but I too am curious as to how to correct/add curvature to the little guy.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever said “to” so many time in the same sentence. :D

I think i created mine during masturbation, i seem to be pushing my head and upper shaft towards me when i masturbate with out any lotion or anything. Everyone in the world will tell you that you cannot create curves during masturbation, but i think thats not true. For awhile my dick curved to the right slightly as well, simply by pushing towards the left during masturbation, i have completely gotten rid of that curve… (also did PE stretches and jelqed against it) Also i have noticed a difference in the severity of my erection upward curve on if i stress bending it to make the curve more pronounced or less pronounced, and have found the exact level of bend that i prefer. Well i’ve had some level of upward curve since i was a kid, so im sure its easier for me to change, (may even be impossible i dunno), but i would try doing A LOT of flaccid V stretches to get your ligs that way, maybe even some semi-flaccid if you dick feels conditioned enough. try masturbation or something against it, and see where that takes you. It does take awhile .. (months before you will probably notice a thing, so PE gains and correction of curvature are somewhat similar in that aspect ;) ) (i’ve been at PE awhile) .. well Goodluck.

That sucks to hear there is not much to do. I suspect it has to do with stretching, maybe the ligaments, maybe the muscle. I’m almost 20 and did my fair share of beating off so I always suspected that had a lot to do with it. My curve is down the shaft too, not a bad curve at all, but it just bugs me. I have been switch hitting for about 2 years now :P and it hasn’t straightened it out but it hasn’t gotten worse. I feared for a while it would start to bend both ways and maybe do a loop-d-loop or something. It might have actually made it fatter because I concentrate on putting a solid even amount of pressure and not twisting or bending my meat. Oh well, I guess it does add some extra sensation for the ladies, considering they are all about twisted condoms and such ;)

I don’t know but what I have seen through switching hands helps very little if at all (depends on the curve). Try pushing against it periodically while masturbating and see where that takes you in a few months, who knows.

I don’t think there is such a thing as a straight penis, I wouldn’t worry about it. If anything it’s more likely to hit the right spot if it’s not perfectly straight

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