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Stopped gaining Please advise

Stopped gaining Please advise

I have been only using a VACExtenter as an ADS since the end of November 07.

I have made some gains - 6.2” to 6.5” BPEL and 6.5” to 7” BPFSL and perhaps a tiny bit of girth. All of my gains came in the middle of that period with nothing to note before and nothing to note in the last month.

My question is: Have I exhausted what I can make from the ADS? I use the ADS as I get psoriasis on my penis and all other methods of PE I have tried make it to sore and I have to have long recovery breaks. I use the ADS for 6 to 8 hours per day for 5 days per week with 2 days off at weekends.

Obviously, I want to make more gains. The ADS is already at pretty much max stretch (it’s cutting into my hips as I type!).

What are the thoughts of what I have made? Is that slow gains for the 4~ months of PE or normal? I read some people making massive gains after only a few weeks. I am not unhappy with the timescale - I am pleased to make any gains at all, so I am just wondering.

Has anyone else had similar results with this method? Though I doubt many are using it exclusively as their only method.

I would greatly appreciate some advice.



Maybe you should switch up? Go back to Jelq or turn to hanging or something else rather then the ADS? After a while, your penis gets use to the tension you put on it. You need to constantly switch it up to keep getting results.

Start 2/10/08 (BPEL 6") (EG 5.5") (BPFL 4)

Goal (BPEL 8 1/2") (EG 6.5") (BPFL 7) (FG ?")

What ever happened to the newbie routine?

Most guys get their initial gains through jelqing and stretching. Start easy. Increase the time and intensity every couple of weeks. After 6 weeks or so, you should be up to about 20 or 30 minutes of stretching and 400 - 600 jelqs per day, 5 days per week.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Thanks guys, but you missed the bit in my post where I said that using other methods causes injury to my penis due to psoriasis. If I jelq it’s fine for a few days but then I have to take two to three weeks off for recovery. That’s why I use the ADS.

What if I introduce jelq once or twice a week (newbie routine) - my parts should be able to withstand that. Do you think it might restart my gains?

Thanks again.


To the original poster,

Have you tried using heat to warm up before you put on the hot wraps?

I suggest that you give this thread >>>Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory<<< a read. Remek intelligently attempts to explain how one can possibly gain based on their penile composition.(read it and I assure you, that you will figure what to do next) You may have exhausted ads, to a certain degree. Maybe you just need to use it for longer hours and take some more time(weeks maybe months) to keep gaining solely from ads. I don’t necessarily think that you need to start with a newbie routine. But some wet jelques may do you good. I say don’t stop your ads and throw some decent wets jelques to complement that stretching regime. Watch your eq and adjust your routine accordingly.

Originally Posted by 1 Reggib

Thanks guys, but you missed the bit in my post where I said that using other methods causes injury to my penis due to psoriasis. If I jelq it’s fine for a few days but then I have to take two to three weeks off for recovery. That’s why I use the ADS.

Regg: Is the psoriasis brought on by jelqing, or is it a pre-existing condition made worse by jelqing? Have you tried different lubes? You might get different results from water-based lubes than oil-based ones. Certainly do not use soap!

I find that vacuum hangers are very easy on the skin, but you have to be careful to limit the pressure. If even stretching using your hands causes irritation, you might try using a vacuum hanger and must pull on it manually (no weight, just your hand). Just be careful not to pull harder than about 10#

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Hi 1 Reggib!

Do you have any remedies to lessen the psoriasis? And do you get it elswhere on your body?

I ask the question as I know it would be embarrssing to go to your doctor and explain what you have said here. Whereas if you have it somewhere else you could avoid any embarrassment

I get psoriasis in my ears due to wearing hearing aids, and probably having to wash them using scrubbing soap when I was a kid.

I find that using Povidone iodine (Betadine) helps to lessen the psoriasis Although don’t try it if you are allergic to iodine.

Another drug DiproSalic is an ointment which is also used. I’m not sure whether it is a prescription only medication though. but it can only be used 5 days at a time(twice daily) - And do a test run to see if there are any ill effects.

Hope that’s useful.


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Hi guys, sorry for the slow response. Thanks for the replies and advice.

Ok. Here’s what happened. I took on the advice that I had been given in this thread and some that I read in others.

I started doing some light jelquing in the shower - no more than 10 minutes of about 6 or 7 second strokes with no problems with Psoriasis or penis.

I was actually scared to measure and didn’t do so for over a month as I was paranoid that I had stopped gaining (as I didn’t gain last time I measured, hence this thread).

So there I was, nervous about showing penis to ruler. I measured and nothing. Actually looked like I had lost as I wasn’t quite hitting the mark that I did before (6 1/2”). I was crestfallen. Immediate depression as you can imagine!

Later I decided that my erection was not all that impressive (read on for the reason) at the time I measured and it was worth another measure with a right good hard-on. I was pleased to see that I was up to 6 3/4”.

One of the things that really threw me was that my BPFSL has NOT changed. This has always been my main indicator before - if that’s up the so is BPEL usually - but not by so much. However, this time it was exactly the same at just over 7”. Is that odd?

So, perhaps this thread was hasty of me to start as I think my gains were there but maybe my penis was just being a bit ruler shy.

Anyway, whatever, I am chuffed to bits. Depression over. Suicide averted. Happy pills avoided. :-)

I have decided to have a rest for a week as I think I may have over trained a bit this last week or two. I got a little numbness and my wife complained my EQ was not all that great when we had sex the other morning (I had just been doing fowfers in my partly asleep state and that MAY have been the culprit). I, in defence of crap erection, of course blamed my wife’s looseness - so sex is no longer an option for a week or so now until she gets over that comment. :-) Typical though, she has not noticed my gains at all but the moment I get anything less than a diamond cutter erection she flags it up! :-)

So that’s where I am. Taking a break for a week but resting on a real high note. I may carry on the gentle shower jelqs but leave off the ADS for a week or so - after all I don’t want to lose anything.

Thanks again.


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