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Stop growing

Stop growing

Hi guys,

Do you think someones penis can still grow after he is 20y? Or do you think as long as someone is growing in height, the penis can (will) grow too?

Any of you who can say that it still grew natural on later age?


There are many people on this site of “later age” and they have gained just fine. In fact some say that being older makes it easier for gains. Something about the tissues and how they have aged and it makes them easier to stretch or deform (memory is a bit blurry on the reason why).

Thx for the reply CubanB but I’m talking about natural grow :)

Because most people stop growing after 18y (both height and penis length) but some people grow even untill they are 21, the question is if it would be possible in some cases that the penis grows on that age.

It’s mainly unlikely, as most people stop growing once they reach adult stage. There are a few things that continue to grow. (Like the Prostate) and some things look bigger because of fat deposits

However there are always exceptions to the rules.

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