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Stoner's progress report

Stoner's progress report


I’ve spent my first bottle of baby oil since I started PE in May, so I thought that would be a good milestone to let the group know about my progress. I’ve gone from 6 to 7.4-7.5 inch nbp and gained about an inch in flaccid. Girth has been more difficult - I started with 5.5 and gained maybe 0.2 inch since then. I’ve been sticking to the newbie routine all this time, 2 days on-1 day off, and often skipped stretching. And I had a pause of about 2 months in late summer.


Amazing gains man! Just let me know if you can’t handle the gains anymore, I’d be glad to take’em for you ;)

That’s a fantastic length gain Stoner!

Just what I’m hoping for…..

Well done Stoner….keep at it.

Great gains!

04: NBP 5.5, EG 5. 08: NBP 7 EG 5.25. Current: NBP 6.5 EG 5.25


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