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Still too scared to use my penis, so I'm back again


Still too scared to use my penis, so I'm back again

Feel a bit bad as I just come to this site for advice and then disappear for a bit and never do anything about my situation. When I should be greatfull and just go for it.

I basically have 5.0”EL and 4.3”EG and had a circumcision at 17 I am now 21 and I so insecure and ashamed about my penis that I avoid being with women at all costs. I have had plenty of opportunity’s to have sex but just find a way of wriggling out of it somehow. The problem is I am pretty insecure about my size but the main problem is a have scars and stitch marks from my circumcision, also a ridge where the skin was reattached, I’ve never seen another circ like it.

I want to just go for it and even if anyone did say anything, just be like so what I don’t care, but I do. I care to fucking much what people think. If one person says something about my cock it will be round the whole area within a week.

Just back for some honest advice really. Do I just not worry what anyone thinks and go for it? is my situation that bad? do girls really go talk about your dick to everyone? People are starting to ask questions about why I’m avoiding sex, its getting pretty obvious now. Will they care about the size and appearance of my penis? Scared about even getting my penis in the vagina without problems lol. Could anyone suggest a good all day stretcher?

Missed the site, any advice is much appreciated and sorry if posted in the wrong section

Are you still a virgin? Anyway if you are not happy with your size why are you hesitating to do PE?? Have you done a routine before?

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A lot of girls talk and its difficult to look into the future and see who really will and will not talk about it. I had sex with a girl and two days later one of my good friends knew all about my performance.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

I did manage to have sex once, kind of, but it was the worst experience ever, i couldn’t get the damn thing in for ages and kept losing erection from nerves, then when I finally did get it in it just wasn’t happening the moment was gone if you get me. So i don’t no if I’m a virgin or not really.

Yes I have done the newbie routine before I think I made a some progress but just lost motivation, as I wasn’t using my penis I didn’t really see any point. But I’m back for another go.

Just go for it. But, when you are with a girl make sure she enjoys it. Take your time pleasing her. Make things about her, kiss her all over, and wait till she begs you for insertion. Then once you get in there don’t whale on her like a jack rabbit. Just go slow and stay focused on pleasing her, I promise she won’t be concerned about your size.

Hey maybe the scarring isn’t that bad man, if you want take a pic and have us look at it. There are also scar creams, and other lotions that are supposed to help scars fade. Everyone has physical things that they think are terrible and really noticeable, but in reality others don’t really notice them or care.

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Do those creams actually work? I have some scars I would like to fade as well. Anyway gainerihope you need to find some strong motivation to help you stick with a routine. If you get a chance for sex and you want to do it don’t pass it up your regrets will eat you alive.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Yes Bluray your right, their already beggining to start there feast.

The scars will definitely fade as time goes on. I wouldn’t worry about that right now. It hasn’t been very long since you had the circ. I have a little scar on my chest from an operation and it continued to fade for years before it returned to almost skin color. Maybe you should just try penetration only for now til your confidence builds.

Or post some pics and your Thunder’s brothers can help build the confidence for you.

Penetration only? Do you mean avoid blowjobs?

Ah yes that is how I dealt with my fear of the girl thinking I was small. I would do lots of fore play get her pants and underwear off maybe go down on her then when she was worked up take my cock out and have sex so girls could never really look at me. It worked well for me until I was able to get my cock looking really long.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

That is what I meant. Not because you need to, but blowjobs might make you feel self-conscious if your worried about your scars. If you hit a few home-runs with penetration, then you can get rid of those jitters you have. But definitely do what you feel is right at the time. I’m sure you have nothing to be worried about dude. All men are worried until they have done it a few times and you aren’t at all small by your measurements. Your not huge, but your not small.

If your worried about gossip don’t. Girls do talk, but they don’t take each others word on things. So regardless, if your cool with them they will make their own decisions. A lot of girls that talk amongst each other just call one another sluts behind their backs anyways.

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Thanks all, so do you think girls will have seen a lot if 5” before, because all my mates seem to have massive cocks then. This is not just from what they say lol, I have seen them.

Oh yea all day stretcher good or bad idea? could someone suggest one?

It takes work man. Start manual stretching, and use and ads while your not stretching. You will have to experiment. I like my capn’s wench for an ads(do a search on Capn’s wench ads). Some people like the vac ads (search for vac ads). You have to decide what is best for you, they work the same but some guys are more comfortable with one over the other. Ads is really just a tool to help keep you stretched out, and help your penis become more pliable for stretching routines.

Seriously though, keep at it and use your insecurity as a tool to keep you motivated - because you have to keep at it for the long haul. It took me a year or so before I figured everything out and what worked best for me. Also read as much as you can, you can never read everything on this site. Make sure you check out the tutorials section if your need help with technique!


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