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Still too scared to use my penis, so I'm back again

Thanks hoeful2hanglow, made me feel better and will take your advice and get working.

Hey man,

I read the thread and all the advise is good. While you are waiting for some gains, you might try and get your hands on some viagra or cialis or whatever. At least then, if the sexy time situation came up, you wouldn’t have to worry about your nerves.

You could even hop across the channel to Amsterdam and anonymously visit a red light : )

Originally Posted by gainerihope
Oh yea all day stretcher good or bad idea? Could someone suggest one?

Start up easy man. Take the linear routine, it’s imo the best out there. And if you’re still worried, go to cancun for spring break. You can have sex with a girl there knowing you will never see her again. Maybe that makes you lose your fear.

Just go out and get laid, you’re missing so much good stuff!

January 2010: BPEL 14.5 cm / 5.7" EG 11.5 cm / 4.5"

Goal: BPEL 19 cm / 7,5" EG ~15 cm. / 6"

This shit is destroying my life, I cant get out of this rut I’m stuck in. I do not feel sorry for myself in any way but I just do not have the bottle to use this ugly cock I have in front of me. I no people don’t want to hear moaning, sorry, its just the only place I can spit out what I want to say and what I’m feeling about this issue.

Gainer if you want real feedback upload some photos from your unit if you wish.

Ok cayance I will try do so just got to find the cable.

Gainer, out of curiosity, why did you bother getting a circ at age 17?

Do you feel you would be happier without having had it?

Just start PE and stay with it!

The gains will come, just stick with it.

If you are so concerned about your size, it’s only you who can change it.

Also who cares what your dick looks like, when you get with a girl you can do most of the work and she will never know!

BTW since I’ve done some heavy jelq, manual stretching and used and ADS all day mine is pretty discolored and scary and my wife don’t seem to mine.

scars and stitch marks my give her a better ride

I’m not in your position so I can’t relate to your feelings about this. I feel bad for you though. But I don’t think you should let this ruin your appetite for sex. Seriously buddy, go find a piece of ass. When things start getting hot and heavy, just go down on her and lick, slurp, and eat away. When she asks for it, just pull it out quickly, put a condom on fast, and pound away. If you’re good enough at what you’re doing and how you use your equipment, she’s not going to see what your dick looks like. Vaginas don’t have eyes.


I think you are missing the point of sex

Girls want sex.

They want to feel being stimulated. Very often it doesn’t matter if it’s just a finger. so long as it’s tickling the nerves in the vagina.

It’s just like you and me. We feel stimulation whan handling our dicks. Doesnt really matter whether it’s the whole hand or just the thumb and forefinger working it up and down.

It’s the feeling of getting it excited that matters more than most.

The Big Dick thing is more in the minds of guys . They see another guy with a big dick and think that he must be a good performer.

Not necessarily the case.

You can get a girl off with just putting it inside her. But if you can develop a good technique they wil be queing up for it from you. It’s amazing how word gets round! -

To hell with the big guys who just push it in and think they are the worlds best

Just remember girls are also in all shapes and sizes Do you think how they look when you are horny and wanting it?

Forget all the problems and think abaout the rewards. You’ll enjoy life far more.

Good luck


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I agree with Petitfaun. There are a lot of other things that make up YOU than just your cock. Sexual technique - your personality - how you make her feel (emotionally) - how you look at her - how you hold yourself - the list goes on and on and on..

So learn about technique. Do your exercises and PC squeezes. Make a list of your strong points and focus on those. Set some positive goals and reach them. Be proactive.

Also, bear in mind that the people who you are surrounded by now, although they may mean a lot to you now and you may really really care a lot about what they think, will most likely not be around in a few years. You’ll be surrounded by a whole new group of people who you will then be worried about. Now is the time to fuck up. Experiment. Go out there and make some epic mistakes : )

Actually, I was thinking about the whole “get out of town and get some strange that can’t report back” thing. Another option is to get a really sweet girlfriend where you are at - and take it slow. You could then (A) fuck her all of the time - once you got into the relationship a bit (B) build your technique (C) have a really good excuse why you can’t hook up with random (more dangerous) chicks and (D) fuck her all of the time.

Just throwing out options. You’re going to have to get to a place eventually where you can be proactive with what you’ve got. Just so you know, you are not alone in the way you feel. I’m sure that you have a whole bunch of positive attributes that you are completely ignoring.

I gotta go. My IR lamp is heated up : )

Yea I know what your all saying is right. I’m just at a really low place right now and cant seem to build up the courage to do something about it. I was circumcised due to tight foreskin for who asked and I didn’t want it done.

I am going to make a go of this, I turn over a new leaf, from NOW.

No more running from it. Thanks all it really does mean a lot.

Another thing gainerihope,

You don’t have to have sex right away. As long as your communicating with women and not being a homebody. Just get out and talk and don’t worry about closing the deal. Like others have said use some scar treatment type cream or oil. I hear Emu oil is great for scars, but expensive. If you wanna get laid do it. If you feel pressure cause of society then just take your time and heal for now.

The pressures we all put on each other is just insane. That and the negativity in society is just crazy. Do what you need gainer, and if its getting laid and your worried about your penis definitely hit an escort - its their job to get you off, so their is no worry of rumors and shit.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

2007: BPEL 5.5" / MSEG 4.7" / BG 5.5"

2017: BPEL 6.8" / MSEG 5.3" / BG 6"

I feel your pain, I also am embarassed about my size to where I avoid sex (but gains are changing that). The bad part is that I get lots LOTS LOTS of girls.. The hottest chicks in the room and I just refuse to mess around on my campus until I have a good size dick. Cause I’m kind of a perfectionist and it’s bad but I do care about my image a lot.

Another more logical reason is that I have phimosis. Is this why you got circumsized? Phimosis is when the foreskin is too tight to get over the glans. My case is mild where I can retract it while I’m flaccid but I can’t when I’m hard. It sucks even if I was big I wouldn’t be able to have sex. But I am in the process of stretching the skin as well and I expect that by june of this year ill have a real normal dick.

But like I said I feel your pain and just to let you know, I’ve been with a few girls and to be honest they really don’t care how it looks. They get more pissed off about premature ejaculation than anything. That where your at risk. If you really wanna get laid go to some out of town spots or like someone else suggested get laid on vacation where you don’t know anyone. I can’t tell you how many girls are insecure about their vaginas. Alot of girls think it smells, it’s ugly, it’s too flappy lol. Everyone has insecurities just focus on gains.. Worrying and feeling bad for yourself won’t make your dick bigger. And DO not worry about scars. Worse case scenario save some money and see a plastic surgeon they can easily fix that.

Good luck and JELQ. And remember we’re still young theres so much time to have sex. You don’t want to be like this at 30.. Now is the time to fix it.

Johnjayk247 yea it was phimosis, that’s why I had the circumcision. I’m in exactly the same situation as you, I didn’t want to say I have hot chicks throwing themselves at me, but a lot of the time I do and that’s so annoying because I’m no I’m throwing away so many opportunity’s to have sex.


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