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Still the same

Still the same

Hey guys, just wanted to say a quick thing about the forums, they are absolutely brilliant love the community you blokes are all great.

Now my query is I have been doing PE for the past month or so on the Newbie Routine and I have no gains at all, the only difference I have seen is lately on flaccid my penis is a lot more fuller and looks better other than that I have had no gains on erect levels. I believe I’ve done the routine as good as it should be done. I first started jelqing a few months ago probably around 5 or 6 months ago I started that for a month and slowly stopped doing it because I didn’t get any results. Look guys all I need is someone to lead me in the right direction and show me the light because I’m on a straight road with no town ahead (If that makes sense). I’m mainly looking for length gains, I’m pretty happy with my girth at the moment it can be worked on in the future. By the way I’m on roughly 6” long.

Cheers Brendon

Welcome to the forum Brendon,

Don’t fret about not getting instant gains as you begin your PE career full on. Look at the Newbie Routine as a good introduction for your dick to the word of PE, it needs time to adjust to the new questions being asked of it. Stick with the Newbie Routine for another 2 months or so. You may or may not notice gains in that time but it is the best way to get your cock ‘up to speed’ for future advanced techniques.

You’re doing something right as your flaccid is hanging better these days! :thumbs:

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Well seeing that I’m only looking for length gains should I change my routine around, my penis is pretty well trained and can take most or the excersise’s I’ve tried from reading on these forums. What should I do for length gains? I want length gains if you could forward me to another post or give me some of your own advice that would be great.

Cheers Brendon

Keep with the same routine. Jelqing is good for length and girth, and its great exercise. Keep up on stretching too. Try stretching between your cheeks, but go real easy stretching can cause bruising. Did you read the jelqing and stretching 101 thread. If not, read it. Don’t be discouraged gains don’t happen quickly its a process over time.

Keep with it, man. Even if you don’t immediately show signs of enlargement, you’ll most likely achieve harder erections and more powerful ejaculations. PE does have benefits other than size.

Keep at it!! Does not happen over night but in no time you will start seeing gains. Then you will look back and wonder where the past year went.


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