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Still Rolling It

Still Rolling It

I just wanted to say hello again to the crew at PE site and to all who read this, this site is a very good site for what you to get out of it informations is excellent here. My rolling technique is what they call a A-STRETCH it will help you achieve good length and good girth, some of you may have a hard time jelqing or tired of it. This way just a new way increasing length and girth.
But alway remember to hot wrap it is a must!! You have to be Patience when doing any PE exercises.
Don’t forget have a cool down when finished and hot wrap it or just stare in the mirror and check results.

I have been doing PE for a long time and received good result from this site but you have to read all the forums if you want to express you’re opinions on any thing. This is a good family to be in just keep pulling!!!!

Hello hood, nice post. I think I finally understand your rolling exercise as the A-Stretch. That’s a great exercise IMO. You’re 100% right about reading the forums too. A person can learn more that way than posting a question and waiting for one or two replies. Plus, I’ve found myself on multiple occasions searching for one thing, spotting something else of interest and following it to learn something completely new and unexpected.

Thanks for the input that’s how I came up with the ROLL IT routine after all the forums I read it just came to me. I enjoy it allot due to the fact it does feel good and get rid of stress, yes stress. We live in a crazy World now and you have to do something to get rid of it. It work for me and will work for anybody else who want to survive.

So my hat is off to PE stay strong and grow really LONG!!!!

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