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Still not getting how PE weights work.

Still not getting how PE weights work.

Okay, I’m looking at and I don’t get how these attach.

People have said to use wraps (theraband.even a mouse pad) but where exactly on the penis am I wrapping, and what exactly is this suppose to look like?

Pictures would be highly beneficial.

As far as I can tell, this is how I see it: Either wrap a mouse pad, theraband, or ace bandage behind the glans (how thick and how long?). Tape or attach a cable clamp( has a cable clamp on their site). Then hang the weights. — I’m assuming you have the weights on already, pushed up towards the base of the penis. Is this correct?

Any help would be highly beneficial. Thanks.

I have seem someone with pictures using golf weights somewhere on here but it was a while ago. Have you tried member pics or searching yet?

19th Feb 2012

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The 2 threads below I found using the search button, found atthe top of the screen. If you click advanced search, then search thread titles for “PE weights”, you’ll find more, but these 2 are possibly the most helpful.

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If you have any trouble with the search feature, check this thread out - How to use the Search button for best results

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How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

if u’re gonna wear these weights for a while then u need something comfortable - so dont use theraband. whatever you use make sure its SOFT. I use the material from these girly headbands - it seems to do the trick.

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