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Still no girth gains

Still no girth gains

Probably been PEing for close to a year now, mainly dry jelqing, edging, kegels and more recently holds.

I’m really after gains in girth more than length, but I do a little stretching during my warmup.

My current length is 7”NBPEL 7.5”- 7.75” BPEL. I have actually gained here.
Girth however is a measly 4.75” sometimes 4.5” (actually seems thinner the harder the erection?). Good head size though at 5.75” - 6”.

Even with holds and kegeling I don’t seem to increase in girth. Veins pop up like a body builder on steroids and my penis becomes darker, but still stays around 4.75” in girth.

Any advice?

A “lite” Chemical program may do what you want.

Whats a chemical program entail?

A review of my thread should give you all the answers that you seek. It is a long one, and the “lite” part is in the later postings.

Chemical PE progress report

My suggestion would be workout 7 days a week. Warm up before and warm down after are very important. Do a search for braindrain’s thread and his “perfect jelqing”. Otherwise I would say jelq and ulis work just don’t injure yourself.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Mr. Wiggly:

You may want to consider pumping. It’s a less drastic step than chemical PE and sticking needles in your penis.

I will not say that Spaghettidick’s suggestion of working out seven days a week is without merit, but it’s not for everyone. For some, it may work. For others, it’s probably much too much. Take a look at this thread - Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth! - as a guide on how to adjust your routine based on your your body’s response.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

One word. Clamping. :)

Lampwick makes a great point.

So does codeevil. Check out monty’s air clamps if you want to take a walk on the safer side of clamping. I will be getting mine soon.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

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