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Still No Gains Please Help

Still No Gains Please Help

Hi there I done the newbie routine and still not seen gains. I know I was expecting a lot in such a short period of time but I was hoping to see some kind of encouragement. I will do anything it takes to increase the size of my penis as I am desperate. My penis is a ridiculous 1 inch flaccid and 4 inches when erect. I know it’s not the smallest in the world but it’s quite below the average and I would be so grateful for any help and advice. I have found a site similar called penis advantage that does cost but has a 60 day money back guarantee. Is it worth giving that a shot? My apologies I am just desperate to see some gains so that I am able to motivate myself. The thing that makes this worse is that nobody or a very small amount of people can relate so that’s why I have posted.. Thanks for any replies and feedback

How is your EQ?

What’s your routine?

Absolutely fine. As it’s always been.

I am still doing the newbie routine as I don’t know where to go from now. Don’t know what to do and am quite disheartened, maybe it’s just meant to be.

I am just a beginner and I can’t help you much but telling you that I am about 6 inches but tall as hell. And my cousin is about your size and even taller than me like 6,5 so don’t be that desperate as long it does work no worries. Think about those who can’t even get erections.. Of course it’d be great to see gains that is why we are all here and to be honest since I am new logically I am still skeptical.

I talk to people in this web site and many have had to try different things in long long time and some claim that combination is key. Keep on doing, at least your erections are better with kegel aren’t they? Cheers

Thank you for the reply quim92.

I do agree that I am luckier than others but at the same time feel why me? Yes I suppose it’s trial and error to find out what works but I do have a problem and that is that I’m going on a lads holiday so to speak with some friends and that could involve me trying to impress my friends. My confidence is stupidly low and my worst fear is that they will see it. Such a huge dilemma. However your not hear to listen to my problems, thank you for the reply.

Work on your confidence separately.

In regard to your PE, how do you feel directly after a session? PE is about carefully destroying tissue (probably). That requires some effort. It’s pretty easy to put in not enough effort or too much effort.

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You have an issue and want to talk about it, no worries.

Ain’t no problem listening to your problems or I would rather say ain’t no problem listening to what you think it is a problem man. Got a mate who is missing one arm since he was 8, he thinks that is not a problem. That man looks happier than all people in this Web site all together. Being taken away from your own house as you couldn’t pay a debt and still owing to the bank an amount of money you will never be able to pay, that I would say is problem .LOL this is happening in my country like every day.

I am a very obsessive guy who wants to see gains fast, and I better take it as a hobby and a routine just like when I first started studding English or going to the gym. Look at me know, I can communicate in an English Website.

Of course if in 2-3 month time I don’t see gains I will add something to the newbie routine like an extender and if in about 1 year I don’t see half an inch I will quit. Till then ill keep it as a hobby.

Hi memento,
Before starting I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right so that I wasn’t wasting my time and got some good feedback, all of which I took on board.

I feel fine after but usually have the urge to masturbate. Not sure if that makes a difference? Take my time as suggested in every session. Thanks for the reply

Fine is good but too fine might indicate a lack of work. A post workout increase in size might be a good guide, though people react differently. I was speaking with a guy in PMs today who has been getting a swollen foreskin which is probably an indicator that he’s working at a good rate if it’s not too swollen. You will have to judge by your gains but the tissue you are trying to change is stubborn. It makes sense to start off as lightly as possible and work up if you see no effect.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

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