When I masturbate, I can reach 100% after a decent amount of action, but, if I do not continue to jerk, I lose the erection fast. I’m currently not having sex with my girl because we are waiting to get married, but when I get oral from her, it stays pretty rock until I cum.

I’m guessing that it may just be my attention span, if my willy isn’t getting complete satisfaction, it just won’t respond properly to what I’m doing. My workout at the end of the day was decent at best, finished super flaccid, and just stretched the hell out of my meat for about 20 minutes after a 30min jelq session. I did have a slightly fuller flaccid length, however.

I truly dread if this is a sign of ED, or something. Maybe a venous leak? God forbid. Should I go to the doctor, guys? I’m just looking for ways to keep it meaty during my PE, nothing more, nothing less.

Yesterday: 6.2 NBP

Today: 6.5 NBP (varies...)

Tomorrow: 8 NBP