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Stick jelqing?

Stick jelqing?

I’m quite new to PE (have been at it for 3 months so far), but I have already experienced some slight bleeding sometimes when doing intense jelqing. I read in one of the threads that stick jelqing can be the solution to this problem. Could anyone please explain what stick jelqing is? Is it similar to the powerjelq device that I’ve seen advertised?

Check out tom hubbards site. Yes its the same concept as the powerjelq except they are easy to use side on (and avoid dorsal nerve damage).

Its a method which increases the pressure at the grip point, I don’t understand how that is good for avoiding bleeding.

If I were bleeding I’d take time of for the vein to heal but what do you mean by bleeding.

By bleeding, I mean a small amount of blood appearing on the underside of the glans. Really, it’s hard to tell where it’s coming from (the urethra or along the line running from the urethra to the beginning of the shaft?). There’s absolutely no pain involved, at least so far! It doesn’t happen when stretching.

Any clues as to what can be causing this?

BTW, thanks for the link; I’ll check it out right away!

Probably a small capillary burst into the urethra if its coming out there. That should heal fairly quickly but you should probably take time off until it does.

You should read this about bleeding and drumsticks, and this about bleeding. I read some good advice from luvdadus too but can’t locate it.

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