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Steroids And PE

Steroids And PE

If testosterone is the hormone responsible for the growth of the penis, then technically, taking steroids should have a positive effect on penis size. Any thoughts on this?

I have wondered about this same idea before since I read on many websites a while back guys go through puberty it is mainly testosterone that makes the dick to grow and causes all the manly changes we have. So like you think and I thought wouldn’t it be reasonable to believe maybe steroids would help grow ones dick quicker. Well I don’t know the answer to this but it may be true or it may not be. This question to me is something if we figured out the answer to could lead to a answer to the too often asked question here of whether masterbation affects PE gains since we are lowering are testosterone each time we splurge (I believe, not a expert on this). Do a search for steroids here and you will find some discussions here from the past on thsi very topic.

Just one question for all of the member here, has anyone ever used any type of topical testosterone and experienced in PE gains.

The testosterone used in steroid use is synthetic.

It mimics the test your body produces and helps muscle building.

Your body produces naturally the testosterone which would grow your dick (and did during puberty)

But once you inject test. Into your body, your body suppresses the natural test. It was making.

So therefore if no natural test. Is being made, and your body is tricked by a chemical making it think it is producing to much test. , Then no it won’t grow your dick.

But It WILL shrink your nuts.

Which is why you must use proper pct (post cycle treatment) to get your nuts working again, and producing test. After a cycle.

Or you will lose your gains, and have small nuts, and must wait for body to do what it would need to to heal/fix your natural test. Production which would take months and even close to a year depending on the length of your cycle.

And if you do like many body builders do, and never did a pct, chances are it would never come back, and you would need to see a doctor for testosterone replacement treatments.

Know what you’re fucking with before you fuck with it.


Wow, I just read that long thread thunder posted, very interesting. It seems that most of the people who tried that stuff reported positive effects, either increase in size, or increase in erection quality and flaccid hang. As for the comment saying bodybuilders would all have huge dicks, who is to say that they don’t? I personally have never seen a bodybuilders dick, and I am sure most other people on this forum haven’t either. Alot of people will say that bodybuilders seem to have small packages, but when you take into consideration that when you see pics of them they have purposely dehydrated themselves, which would effect their flaccid size greatly, and on top of that, if they are hardcore steroid users, they likely have small nuts, which would also decrease package size, and third, the sheer size of those guys would make an average penis look tiny in comparison.

You cock is not a muscle! It’s made of skin it will stretch the same way those freaks stretch there earlobes out or those tribes stretch there lips out. The penis is more complex than just skin, but in my opinion it’s the same type of thing.

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