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Steam and stretching.

Steam and stretching.

Another question. I have a shower in my home, which can be used as a steam room, and can get up to ~120 F. Do you guys think it would be beneficial to do my stretches, or even jelqing or other excersizes in this room?

Thanks - JB

If you can withstand the heat with the rest of your body to stay in there that long, it could not hurt.

Matter of fact, would not mind having one of those. Always did like the sauna when I was in the service.

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Actually, I am doubtful. Not that it would do no good, but for one thing you will not increase your body temperature all that much - if you do, you die - and so the blood that is transported back and forth in your dick will cool it as much as possible, at the same time the heat transfer steam/skin is not as great as for hot water/skin.

What I mean is that I think it is good, but maybe not as effective as using a hot water cup in intervals. It might be nicer for other reasons, though. I’ve stretched in the sauna, and I found it hard to maintain a good grip.

regards, mgus

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Hi jb007,

Maybe it’s something new to try. But I’m wondering why would you need that to stretch or jelq :confused: Frankly, I think warming up and a little penis massage would be enough. You’ll need to save the electricity and water for other needs :) I don’t know, it’s just my idea… But you know, I like something simple.



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I think I’ve decided that I’ll just stick to a normal routine with a normal warmup, and then at night for a little more exercise and relaxation I’ll sit in the steam for awhile & stretch a little.


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