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Stealth warm up

Stealth warm up

I’ve been reading how some of the vets here began by stealth PE, and wondered if any of them or anyone would know if\when a warm up would be done?

Of course the warm up is important, but if one were to jelq\stretch in bed, would the heat generated under the covers be enough? Or do stealth PE’ers not warm up?

You can warm up in the shower, for 7 minutes, or in the “bidet”, fill it with hot water and sit for 7 minutes, while so you can do your kegels.

It totally depends on your requirements for stealth. Can you heat up a small homemade rice sock (microwave) and stuff it in your underwear? Do you have a bathroom where you can dip your dick in a cup of hot-ish water? Both of these can be done stealth pretty easy.

Under the cover stretching is pretty effective but not best case scenario. If I was doing this, I would do BTC (between the cheeks) stretches which would be effective and comfortable to do.

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