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Stealth PE. Dorms

Stealth PE. Dorms

Ah.. So I’m moving into the dorms in a few days.

How am I going to make time for PEing? Sitting in the bathroom for 30 minutes with a roommate would get pretty suspicious.

Wonder if anyone has any ideas/experience with this kind of situation.

Open him up to the world of PE then you don’t have to worry or you better start working on an ADS system.

If you’re lucky you can catch a break with class schedules, hopefully you can get som privacy for an hour or so a day or perhaps every other day where you can get some girth work in. Other than that I suggest going for bathroom/piss-pause stretches. Any time you go to take a leak or do anything in the bathroom just do 2-3 simple stretches for 30 seconds each. That extra minute-and-a-half won’t be suspicious but it will add to your daily workload. Just make sure you don’t hit it too hard as you will be going in “cold”.

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Well I have TONS of experience with this, do some of my searches you will find my discussions of living in the dorms and Peing. I assume that you’re living in a single room. The best thing is to find out you’re roommates class schedule and try to do you’re work when he’s not there the only hard things is that he can walk in at any time. So you should stick to simple workout wet jelq and stretch. But it’s really hard to PE in the dorms so good luck.

HAHA!! Yes I PE’ed in my dorm bathroom for 3 months over the summer. All my room mates kept thinking I was Spanking it in there for an hour. Only one of them really bugged me about what I was doing in there and I told him I would tell him before I left. I was going to turn him onto Thunders but I forgot in the end.

Personally I don’t give a fuck what they think, but that’s just how I am at the end I split my room into two with the movable closets, and put a sheet blocking any ones view into my room. I PE’ed in there while my room mate was sleeping. But like I said I don’t give a rats ass I would watch porn and jack off while my room mate was siting on his computer right beside me. He could not see me and I don’t make any noise when I jerk it so whatever.

You could always just tell them about Thunders. Then you could all Be PEing and then they would know what your doing and you would have no worries about it. LOL! Hey where else are you going to have all the free hot water you could use. Take advantage of it wile you can.

I never had time to do it in the Dorms. We had a roommate in our rooms of like 13’x10’, smallest hell hole ever. We also had community bathrooms. The reason I have 2 months of on and off PE is because of this. I could do it when he was gone, or sometimes in the showers. It sucked. Having my own room now is bad ass and I’m loving it. Live with 3 other friends and have had no trouble PEing in secret. Though I have told them all about it. Seems like only 1 is interested.

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I suppose I’ll figure out some way.. We share bathrooms with the room next door.. So it’s four people to a bathroom (2 per dorm)

I took long showers during the course of the entire year.

I’m talking like 40 mins to 1 hour showers.

They would yell quit whacking it but I continued my PE.

So if you share a shower but can lock the door then that would be a good idea.

Also you could look into dry jelqing at night, fowfers and such.

Do a search for stealth PE and you should find other post with some info.

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I’ve thought about going into dorms if I ever went back to school, mostly for the “party” atmosphere. No way will I be able to pump or clamp, PE and watch porn I think. Unless I somehow got a whole room to myself. Do you know if 28 year olds striving for a masters degree can get dorms in the US? Maybe they’ll take age into consideration for single rooms.

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