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STD and PE

STD and PE

Hey guys,

I’m a long time lurker and finally decided to post!

So I think a while ago I may have contracted a minor STD, as a result, I always feel this burning sensation when I pee.

I’ve been doing the Newbie Routine for 2 months by that time..
But after I’ve noticed the symptoms, my gains seem to have been affected..

Have you guys had any experience?

I’m actually not sure if it’s an STD..
It went away after a couple of days.

But I’ll go to the doctor’s to get it checked out!

Check this now with your md. And don’t infect your GF or wife. Get this sorted out and when ok, focus on your PE effort.

If it’s the clap hit it with some antibiotics for a couple of weeks. You’ll be fine. Had it when I was 15.

I have the visible kind of HPV and trying to figure out if I should wait it out or try to find some cheap imiquimod/Aldara somewhere.

25 year old Caucasian-American (white dude!)

10/20/2011: -BPEL: 5.4 -EG: 5.75 -BPFL:3.2 -FG:3.8

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