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staying erect

staying erect

I have posted here a couple of times..and have been PEing for about a year now..on and off…not much gains..

Recently, i am having trouble staying erect while jelqing. Should i jelq until i become flaccid, or manually make it hard again and continue jelqing? (Currently, I “TRY” to jelq for 30 minutes at about 5 secs per stroke). Should I make the time for each stroke shorter?

I have no problem getting erect on unconscious mental imageries and staying erect. However, when I want to be erect and purposely thinking about mental imageries, or even watching porno..sometimes i just don’t get a full erection until I start touching it.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


sorry to double post…but i think this could also be caused by my “addiction” towards “edging/ballooning” recently..

I tend to ejaculated at the end of each session…maybe i am desensitized?

I have the same problem staying erect when jelqing and I can’t find the way to solve it. That sucks.

Originally Posted by trace101
Should I make the time for each stroke shorter?

Yeah, I would do so.

I have the same problem, but I found if I stop and stimulate myself for a few seconds (jack off a bit. The rosy palm seems to work best actually. ) That my erection comes back to exactly where I want it. I usually stop as soon as it starts feeling ‘really good’ which is around 6 to 10 seconds . As long as you don’t just totally take ur mind off your jelqing you should be cool.

1. You don’t want to be totally erect - very easy to hurt yourself. Most recommend between 50%-80% erect (just a reminder)

2. I do my jelqs in sets of thirty. Then like BerverPooh, I stimulate myself to desired erection level and do another set of thirty. Rinse and repeat.

Erect kegels might be the reason you aren’t getting much gains. Too much pressure with each jelq might be over stressing the structures in the penis and causing them to become too resistant too soon. One member called newbie, claims to have shrunk by erect jelquing!

I have read that gains come more quicky at 50-80% erect which means that before jelquing, you will have a floppy partial erection that will jump up and harden with each stroke.

I always stop and wait for any erection to subside before continuing and if it gets too flaccid, I’ll put the porn back on for a few seconds.

ok…so no kegel when i jelq right?

Save the erect kegels for when you masturbate. It is not necessary to get more than 60% erect when jelqing. 40-50% is ok to. Jelq slower, with a lighter grip. As long as your still getting 100% erect when having sex or masturbating your doing just fine.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Originally Posted by trace101

ok…so no kegel when i jelq right?

Oops! I meant to say erect jelqs, not erect kegels.

i shall give these advices a try! Thanks!

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