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Staying Erect While Jelqing

Staying Erect While Jelqing

So I tried my first session tonight and I couldn’t stay hard while jelqing. Did the hot wrap and stretches to start (not as much as recommended, more giving myself a test run) and my penis looked so much more thick just hanging there, which was nice.

I got out 25 or so jelqs before my penis started getting soft to the point where, during intercourse if my girl was riding on top, it’d bend and slip out of her (which has happened a few times, and it sucks, ‘cause it HURTS), so I stopped and jerked myself for a bit to get more erect and continued. I had to do this throughout my 100 3-second jelqs.

What do you guys do to remedy this? Anyone ever have this problem?

Also, I noticed afterwards I tried to do the 50 5-second kegel holds - could not hold for more than 2 seconds. My penis was still pretty swollen and slightly erect, could this be why I couldn’t kegel as well?

Re: Kegeling, could it be that your muscle is still pretty weak? So you aren’t able to hold so long.

Play a porn film on background, if that makes you get too exited and too hard.. Then don’t look at it only listen, the sounds could make your erection stay hard enough. But that is only a trick. Do your kegels and don’t jerk off too often.

I’m doing 8-10second jelqs and almost after every 30 strokes I have to massage my penis to get erection back because it’s getting soft. No problem for me because It’s also good time for me to add some lubrication if I need.

Yeah, get a pornfilm, or ask your girl for a little strip dance to harden up a bit, but don’t jelq with a rock-hard one!


How hard should I be when jelqing? ‘Cause I’m starting to think I wasn’t TOO far off - I forgot you’re not supposed to be rock-solid when doing ‘em.

I’m new to this all (though I joined like, a year ago), so yes kegels are new to me. I’ve done ‘em randomly but not on a consistent, progress-oriented basis.

Girl doesn’t know about it, gonna keep it that way. Surprise her. :)

Also, what kind’ve lube do you guys use? I used vaseline ‘cause it’s cheap and easy, but it’s a pain in the ass to get off afterwards! It’s oil-based so showering after doesn’t work out as I planned.

Hey Chthonian

You wouldn’t expect to run a 26 mile marathon on your first try, after not exercising for years, smoking three packs a day, and being 20 pounds overweight.

The goal of the exercise (jelqing) is to push more blood into your dick, improve circulation, expand blood vessels, etc. to facilitate penis health, and then growth. You will find many threads here about semi erect jelqing.

Just remember, when first starting out, all of this is new to your dick, and it will take a while to get used to it. But it does work.

Good Luck

As others suggested, some porn usually helps. Keep doing Kegels and I suppose you won’t even need that anymore.

While we’re at it (I hope you don’t mind my hijacking this thread :D ): How do you guys keep it flaccid while stretching?

So, what about my lube question guys?

Originally Posted by Chthonian
So, what about my lube question guys?

I use Johnson baby oil:

Regarding Jelq, I also start at about 80% very kindly and very slow.

After about 30-50 jelq my penis is at about 20%.

Precisely, my CC’s are down but my CS and glans are still big, then I stop and restart.



When I jelq I always lose erection. Then when I try to massage it back, it stays flaccid. Can’t get it to get erected again.

Hey guys.

I’ve had great gains lately and I do my kegels BEFORE my routine. It tends to help me maintain a steady erection level throughout my routine.

I think the best erection level to jelq at is when it’s not so hard that you feel as though you can’t really compress it all the way or it hurts, but at the same time it’s hard enough that when you jelq you can feel your head with the other hand and it’s really hard as you jelq.

Hope that makes sense ^

As far as lube, I was lucky. I found this old jar of lotion stuff for sunburns. I have enough to last me probably until I reach my final goal LOL. I have a lot and it works perfectly. It comes off nicely in the shower too :)

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Originally Posted by Chthonian



CC= Corpus Cavernosum,
CS= Corpus Spongiosum

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