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Static Stretching

Static Stretching

Do you guys think it’s important to switch the leg you attach the ADS to or does it really not matter? It’s something that’s been bugging me for awhile now.

I personally like to switch the leg after releasing and letting the blood re-circulate (using a Vac-hanger/ADS)
I do this because one leg feels as if it stretches one side of the penis and the other does the other side. I like to keep it even.

Saying that I don’t think you will limit your gains because you didn’t switch legs, nor will your penis grow longer on one side. Lol
It’s just about getting the even stretch for me.

Right, I do the same. However I’ve been starting to think that keeping it on one constant leg will increase gains because that one area will have received 2x the stretching.

That would bug me too much, but in theory the less you adjust it the better the results. Probably not by much, but there may be a difference. It’s still a downward stretch for the most part, which is why I feel like it wouldn’t be a big difference.

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