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I just started PE today. My measurements are ERECT: length = 6”, girth = 4.5” FLACCID: length = 4.4”, girth = 4” Right now I do about 200 jelqs a day and 100 5 second kegels and about 5 minutes of manual stretching. Do you think it is possible for me to reach 9 inches? Also, I have like a light brown ring around my shaft about 1 inch down from the glans. What is it and how do I get rid of it? I tried to search for “brown marks” but nothing I was looking for came up.

P.S. Any tips on a better routine?

Hi and welcome. The brown ring is the scar from your circumcision. There isn’t much you can do about removing it, but you could do a search (search button, top right of every page) for “discoloration”. There have been some tips given in those threads to reduce discoloration that sometimes comes from doing PE exercises.

Have you read the threads at the top of the Newbie Forum, including the Newbie Routine? How long is each jelq in your routine? If they’re the “standard” three seconds then you’re only doing about 10 minutes worth. You could probably tolerate a longer session. Are you doing hot wraps? They help.

There are guys here who have added three inches, so yes, it’s possible. It will take time and dedication. It won’t happen in the next six months or perhaps not even in a year. But it is possible.

All in good time, all in good time.

Welcome aboard D! I started the same length as you and am up almost an inch and a quarter. I intend to make it to 9 also, so I imagine I will be seeing you along the way…

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Thanks Guys. I searched and found cocoa butter for helping the discoloration. I do do the 3 second strokes and hot wraps.

I use baby oil for lube when I’m jelqing and when I go up my hand doesn’t slide much at all, it just moves with the skin, so I can’t do a full jelq. Is my grip to hard or is baby oil just a bad lube?

Are you holding down the skin at the base? If you’re using lube you want to squeeze hard enough to move the blood in your semi-erect penis (not fully erect). Moving skin kind of makes that difficult. Unless you’re dry jelqing. I have enough loose skin that I don’t use a lube, but use the skin movement to allow a full stroke.

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