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Starting with well below average girth.

The first few pages of this thread are an extremely rare and valuable find among these forums. *Bump*

4.75” BEG, 4.5” MSEG, 4.25” Glans here…

It’s funny, I’ve been a member here for close to a year now, but only very recently came to terms with what I could realistically hope to gain from PE. It was crushing at first, especially thinking about the girth options (.25” - .5” in girth gains are considered great, with gains of .75”+ being possible, but rare). But I guess I won’t even know what a 5.25” BEG or a 5” BEG will feel like until I actually have it. So why bum out about my ‘limited’ possibilities before I even get to enjoy them? Any gain should be positive, right?

On another note, I’ve had some good sexual experiences at this size, even made a girl bleed with it (we were both in highschool though and she was very tight…not a virgin though and had been w bigger than me of course). I’ve made an ex gf squirt many a time (never full-on vaginal orgasm though, but came close. I always knew I was just a tad too small for her to orgasm, but we dug eachother). Who knows - maybe +.25” more in girth will be all I need to cross that barrier one day :)

I’ve never seen more sub 5” girths than the first few pages of this thraed (before it turned into more of a girth routine exchange)…there are maybe two other threads that have close to the same amount of skinny guys. Anyone else wanna step forward? My GOD I cant wait to start pumping…really hope it works and really hope my sensitive skinny dick can stand up to the stresses. I second the earlier posts about skinnier cocks being more PE-sensitive….newbie routine was way too much for me as well! It makes sense I guess…less tissue to work with overall in a less girthy cock. Seems like the thick guys are the ones who eventually hang the heaviest sets in hanging, etc. I don’t forsee my unit ever needing above say 5 lbs if I ever hang (from the research I’ve done so far).

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Full moral support and a thumb up to you BillyIdol. I agree that most of visitors here are certainly below average girth but few of them actually have the guts to post and discuss about it.

You may not have the girth yet, but you got the balls. Good for you buddy and all my best for your future gains.

Keep on buddy I got 1/4 ” in girth from clamping . From 4” to 4 1/4”. About three months in to clamping after 1 year newbie routine.

Originally Posted by jose4o9
Keep on buddy I got 1/4 ” in girth from clamping . From 4” to 4 1/4”. About three months in to clamping after 1 year newbie routine.

That’s great man - how is that girth? Is it ‘squishy’ or does it feel rock hard like your original penis did? (assuming your penis was hard before lol)

As for the OP BillyIdol, it seems these posts were made years ago back in 2010, and that his last forum activity was December of 2012…he never updated his stats, wonder if he ever made gains..

I started with 5.5 BPEL x 4 EG and after about 2 months of actually doing the newbie routine somewhat consistently I am at 5.75 BPEL and 4.125 near the second half of my penis, but my base is still 4.

I just do the newbie routine, but I did buy a bathmate and only used it a handful of times. I am focusing on length right now and girth down the road, but after spending about 20 minutes in the bathmate I have come out at 4.625 EG. It was obviously only temporary but I would recommend if you are working on girth.


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