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Starting with an 8x6.5 - curve removal without gains?

Starting with an 8x6.5 - curve removal without gains?

Ok I lucked out, I’ve naturally got a big fat dick.

But it’s curved about 25 degrees to the left.

Any tips on straightening with minimal length gains?

While it’s tempting to jelq and stretch like mad and grow a real monster, it’s already too big for some girls so I don’t want any more size.

Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching

As I remember, there is a post regarding to side fulcrum stretches. I suppose stretching one side of penis would make your CC’s even in length.

I hope there is not trolling out there.

Not trolling no!

Thanks for the link.

Is it the Fulcrum stretches you’re referring me too?

Do fulcrum stretches to the right to stretch the left CC?

That’s right. I guess that the shorter CC (which could make the penis curvy) will get longer and will straighten the whole shaft.

Try it, but you can do some jelqs, just for EQ 10/10.

Yeah I get what you mean.

I’m going to do the newbie routine for a few months too just for overall penis health.

Thanks man.

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