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Starting Tonight


Great 1st session. You worked it, is why you didn’t get going. But a wakeup rod is a very good sign.

Hi guys,

Did the 2nd session on Friday evening, felt better than the 1st session but I’m not sure why? Just as light and same number of reps, but the jelqs felt like they were pushing more blood forward than the previous session. This time, I finished super-horny and it was an effort to leave it alone! Saturday morning at the gym, it was very “jumpy” and the sight of a few of the girls was making me nervous as I was wearing track pants and boxers - yikes!

This level of horniness carried over to Sunday, so I skipped the session yesterday as I am sure I would have gone too far and done some damage. It has subsided somewhat today, so I will continue with the routine tonight.

I am very excited to see what the potential here is, thanks to all for your input and good luck (be safe!).

Sounds like you will do great with this. You have thought it through and are using sensibility.

Ha ha! What a dope! All the encouragement from you guys and look what happens!

I was on my 2nd day off after my fourth session (currently doing a very light 2 on 1 off routine) and expecting some action that night so decided to skip the session. When standing at full attention, my unit points to about 1:30 and is extremely difficult to move from that position. Anyway, I am popping my load and I guess I was a little too aggressive with the strokes and felt a major swell in the glans for 2 pumps, like it was going to burst! Not painful, just really felt the pumps!

Next morning, taking a piss guess what I feel? A bump right under the glans on the left side, aggravated the hell out of a vein!

I know it wasn’t there before the sex or as a result of the PE as I have been very careful and examine everything closely before and after each session. Stopping all PE however until it has completely gone away. Heat treatment only and kegels for now.

On the bright side, the few sessions I’ve had have resulted in harder erections and shorter recovery times, neither of which I was really expecting!

What a dope!

Good luck with a speedy recovery. That’s a sensible approach to recovery; you can try all the permutations of fast or long kegels etc. while you recover. Glad you were already experiencing positive erection quality improvements from PE. Don’t rush back, into it too soon, and take it easy.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Wideload —

Congrats on getting started! Sounds like the first workout went really well.

Just to throw something else into the mix, take a look at this thread:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

I am doing something similar and a lot from that thread makes a lot of sense. I have had pretty good luck so far with a “less is more” approach. I did the regular newbie routine once, and it was way too heavy duty for me.

That isn’t to say that any two people will gain from exactly the same routine, but just thought you might find that thread worth looking at if you haven’t already.

Thanks guys.

It already seems to be getting better, but I am in no rush so I’ll wait for 100% recovery. I am actually enjoying the kegels anyway, so it doesn’t really feel like I’m losing PE time.

It is bizarre, since doing the kegels, my erections have changed dramatically. Hardness was never an issue, but strength of the erection is an increase I was not expecting! It now feels like every nook and crannie inside my penis is engorged and the glans is noticeably fuller throughout the duration of the erection. It almost feels as if my penis is “pushing” itself further out from it’s anchor point, it throbs outward instead of inward.if that makes any sense??

If nothing else, kegels for life! These are great!


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