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Starting today

Starting today

Other than the legendary bennett8 progress report and a couple of others, I haven’t really seen posts from people with smaller sizes, so after lurking for a couple of months I thought I’d create this thread. I’ve messed around with stretching and a few jelqs last week and I’m starting the linear routine today. I’ll also be edging and kegeling.

I’m circumcised My starting stats are approximately 11.5cm x 12cm (NBPEL x MSEG) or about 4.5 x 4.5 inches (NBPEL x MSEG). My BPEL is approximately 13cm or 5.1 inches. I think it is reasonable to consider a gain real if it is greater than 0.5cm or 0.25 inches. Less than that could be simply fluctuations in the size of the penis because several factors such as temperature, arousal, level, and stress.

My goal is to reach 5.5-6 inches NBPEL. Any gains in girth would be a bonus. So I guess my routine will be more stretch than jelq focused. Any tips about this? I don’t have a time-frame to meet my goal, but I am hoping to reach it within one year.

Any tips about stretching would be appreciated! My flaccid is only ~2-3 inches so I feel like I am pulling more skin than penis. To combat this I’ve been pulling my balls and fat pad back and then gripping my flaccid. I find that this helps. Also, I noticed that my flaccid looks fine for 10-15 minutes after a set but then turtles a lot. I read that traction wrapping helped some people out and I might try that but I’d be interested in knowing about other methods. Can someone please give me some advice about this? :)

Finally, I’ll be sure to check in if I have any gains. Also, If anyone has a similar starting size and wants to be PE buddies, I’m down. If you had my starting stats and managed to reach average *please* let me know! I’d love to chat a bit and ask a couple of questions!

Wish me luck!

Good luck, buddy. :)

I eBay-ed a penis weight in hoping of preventing turtling. ETA next week, we’ll see how it goes. :)

Sounds like you have the right attitude. :up:

On top of your routine, for flaccid gains, maybe try stretching it out as often as you can throughout the day, just for a minute or two while you take a bathroom break. I believe they are referred to as “piss pulls” elsewhere on the site (but I really hate that name).

Good luck! :)

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Good luck

Bpel: 7

Eg: 5 1/8

Good luck!

Are there any posts on here about extenders?

Good luck!

Originally Posted by funkychicken

Are there any posts on here about extenders?

Yes, but probably not as many as there are about using the search button. ;)

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Good luck buddy

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