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Starting today, I am aiming for 8"x5.5"


Yeah I’m not saying David Shade’s good at pickup but his book on getting girls off is pretty good.

Also check out Nina Hartley’s Guide to Sensual Domination and Ultimate Female Ecstasy videos.

Basically first get the frame of being the one in control (take 2 steps forward, then 1 back) by escalating and then pulling back, taking it a little further then pulling back a little and so on. Turn it around from the usual frame which is the guy hoping to get some pussy to having her craving for you to fuck her. It’s a great feeling guys when girls beg for you to fuck them or aggressively try to get your dick into them.

Then from there get the whole dominance thing, work it up gradually the more turned on she is the more you can do. You’d be amazed at the shit she will do when you have her adequately turned on and you don’t hesitate or ask for permission. You will love the respect and looks of admiration a girl will give you after you give her some dominant sex.

And I really recommend you guys play around with talking dirty to a girl. I avoided it for a long time because I was uncomfortable with it but having tried it a few time I honestly don’t know how I went so long with silent sex lol. It’s so much fun and you will love the reaction you get from girls, it’s so hot. A word of warning once you start doing all this stuff having a girl just lay there and take it will not be enough to get you off, you will have higher standards of what makes sex good and what you like. This actually works to your advantage cause girls will see what you go for and will sense that you’re used to a higher bar than most guys. This means she will put you above most other guys she’s been with right off. She will assume you’re used to doing kinky stuff in bed, will be turned on by the thought that you are that kind of guy and she will be much more willing to do kinky shit since she knows you get it all the time as opposed to someone who comes off more reserved. With those guys she’ll put up more of a resistance to doing the shit she actually wants to do, because she doesn’t want the guys to think she’s a slut and that she’s more experienced than they are. When you are more used to doing kinky stuff and are casual about it she will be much more willing to go along with it.


What are/is the name/s for the David Shade books?

Also are you asian? what is WangChung?

The name of the book is “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms”

I think the earlier edition had a different name, so just stick with this one, it has more pictures and clearer illustrations.

I’m not Asian and I’m not sure why I came up with this name. At the time I was studying martial arts, Wing Chung is a form of martial arts that is pretty cool so maybe I changed it to Wang cause this is a PE forum? There’s also a song I once heard that goes something like everybody Wang Chung tonight, I might have gotten it from there.

Cool,i will look it up. Also LOL @ you signing up in 2006 and only having 16 posts (i’m the same way LOL)

I started with a similar size to and now have the size you are aiming for.
It took many years of PE, on and off but as long as you keep at it, you can reach your goal in less than 2 years with all the knowledge and advice from Thunder’s Place.
Good luck!

PS. I recommend kooljohn’s routine - it is a modified newbie routine. I am doing a similar routine and the progress is the fastest I have seen so far.
My PE beginnings

You joined the board Dec 2006 what took you so long to decide to start PE?

I am the same starting size. I will be following your progress if it works for you I hope it does for me too

Reason it took me so long was because I lived in the dorms so getting enough privacy was hard and it wasn’t something that was on my top priority list. I mean I’d love to have the kind of dick that would get girls to drop their jaws, instantly want to fuck me and then tell all their friends about but to get there it’d take a lot of time and discipline and I dunno my small/average dick hasn’t been much of a concern to keep me determined. I did pull here and there in the shower when I remembered though.

So I’ve been away for a while because like I posted I got the thrombosed veins and my head had a spot on it from jelquing too hard. It’s been a long ass apparently 2 months? The spot’s still there and the thrombosed vein still comes up but not that badly. So I’ve been getting back into stretching and some jelquing.

I thought my starting girth was 4” but it says I was at 4.5? Uh I must have been measuring it wrong cause I’m pretty sure I was at 4” when I started. Anyways I measure again and NBPEL is 5.25” and girth is 4.25-4.375 depending on how wishful I want to be lol. So hell yeah .25” gain in girth!! The BPEL varies a lot depending on how hard I press. If I press down with a lot of pressure all the way down to the bone it can be upwards to 6.75” after my stretches and jelquing. 6.25” with decent pressure. Yeah, I”m fucking fat, though it all goes to my stomach/pubic bone and people can’t really tell. But I’m losing 15-25 pounds so that should make my dick look a lot bigger when I do.

I’m not really feeling the stretches any more though since I started again. I’m also cautious to pull extra hard since the grip around my head is what causes the spot to show up on my head.

My end goal I want to have most pussies feel like they’re nice and tight tight and that I have enough length to hit the bottom of pussies and feel their cervix if I press down all the way in, but not long enough where I can’t just rail away without concern because my dick is too long it’s crushing her cervix. I’m thinking 7.5-8.0” NBPEL X 5.0-5.5” EG would be perfect for most girls which is fine with me. I’d see how well the lower range is and if there could be room for improvement go towards the 8.0”x5.5”.

Originally Posted by WangChung4U
I’m thinking 7.5-8.0” NBPEL X 5.0-5.5” EG would be perfect for most girls which is fine with me. I’d see how well the lower range is and if there could be room for improvement go towards the 8.0”x5.5”.

That would be uncomfortable for MOST girls because of the length. It’s also in the top few percent of all dicks for length, ie, uncommonly long.

4/2008 Bpel 6.50, Beg 5.5, Mseg 4.9

6/2008 Bpel 6.75, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

9/2008 Bpel 7.00, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

What would be a good length for most girls then?

I’ve been taking it easy because of the spotting that came up on my dick a while ago. Have been doing some light and quick pulls when I go pee, I feel like it’s gotten smaller.but today it felt a bit fuller than it has in the past. Also now when I drink a lot my dick feels feeble and small, but I love going out and drinking with my friends. I’m starting a healthier lifestyle too. I’m jogging and/or biking every day and right now I’m headed off to play some basketball. We shall see how things change.


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