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starting stretching

starting stretching

I have been doing the newbie routine without the stretching (just jelqs and kegels) for about 2 months and have experienced some girth growth but my length gain has been barely noticable. I usually jelq around 70-80% erect because it is easier, for about 20/30 mins. I am thinking about starting some stretching exercises now i was kind of wary of them before because i thought they could be damaging e.g. make it harder to get erections in the future. Can anyone give me advice on how to get started with stretching and how to get length gains? Also…..i had to stop jelqing for 2 weeks when i couldnt get any private time, is it possible to lose previous gains if you stop for a while then start up again? Thanks a lot for any advice…

The most important thing about stretching is your grip.

An overhand OK grip with the webbing between thumb and forefinger located behind the glans on the top of the penis is a good safe grip. Try to put pressure on the sides of the shaft rather than the top with any grip you use.

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