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Starting stats

Starting stats

Are my starting stats decent? These are my stats:

Base girth-6.25”

From my limited experience on this forum, I think a lot of guys would be thrilled to have your starting stats.

Your length is a little above average and your girth is well above average.

Happy tugging PEnoob!

Bpel: 7.625

Mseg: 5.125

FSL: 8.125

Your almost both 2 inches girthier and longer than me. Your doing fine. Me, not

So much.

Thanks guys and good luck with your gains

My main focus with PE is to get better EQ and to increase my length.

Go for it! This is the right place for both of those things.

Awesome! Your stats are quite similar to mine. I have been PE’ing for about one week now. I too am looking more for EQ rather than size increase. But I won’t be upset if I do gain.

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